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Monday, January 18, 2021

Morning Bins week 1 & 2

 The first week we made snowman names (it took two days plus, for everyone)

We cut up book orders Wednesday. 

We made melted snowmen

Week 2 

I grabbed these beads on clearance on Oriental Trading. 

I always buy them after the season when they are cheap!

We are going to make patterns on a pipe cleaner.

Snowflakes beads- again on clearance at Oriental Trading.
more fine motor and patterning

but here are some free ones.

Here I used craft sticks.
I wrote the numeral,
the word, and made the dots :)

the bands came from... Oriental Trading on clearance of course lol

the hole punchers came from Dollar Tree

Monday, January 11, 2021

January in Kinderpond


This month in Kinderpond 

it's all about winter and winter animals!

I live in Wisconsin and we get /s/now.  I don't like /s/now, so I don't say it.

instead of snowpants, I say no-pants

instead of snowman, I call it a no-man lol

Here are some of the books that I reserved at my local library.

I order them on line from participating libraries

and they get shipped to my local one :)

Here the children use the tongs to put on the snowmen :)

Here we used mini erasers
to cover the matching letters

Here are our ten frames.
Tongs off to the side.
I used sparkly poms that I bought on clearance on 
Oriental Trading :)

Use these with Dollar Tree's snowmen :)

Using mini erasers again to build the number
   These were whole pages, but I printed 
them two per page.

Feed the snowmen
missing from the photo are
the snowmen lol

Fine motor and math work here 

the buttons came from my KinderCrate.

Roll the dice and write the number on the graph.
found here

Snowflake shape match PoP

using tongs to move pom poms to sort by color

Snow globe numbers
using tongs and mini erasers

Monday, December 7, 2020


 This week we kick off our gingerbread unit. Most of the printables come from Pocket of Preschool (PoP)

Here is our play dough bin.

The decorate the gingerbread one is supposed to be a math game where you roll and add gumdrops to the house.  We are going to use play dough to decorate :)

Gumdrop spin and color
Spin the spinner and color that many gumdrops that color.

Trace and make from PoP
Use play dough, or Wiki Sticks or mini erasers. 

Puzzles from PoP
there are two different levels

Candy building set 

Build the number from PoP
I used mini erasers

Extend the pattern from PoP
I used different gingerbread and candy mini erasers.
I don't have house mini erasers, so I printed out the houses. 

My GB House sketch from PoP.

Color by number
I always make a guide and color
the crayons, so the children know which to use :)
I put it in a sheet protector.

Beginning sounds from PoP
We will use a pocket chart.

The two sheets (on the left side and bottom) are found at From the Pond.
The blank one is from PoP.

Gumdrop shapes from PoP.
The gumdrops and toothpicks are from Dollar Tree.

Color Letter from PoP
Children pull out a fabric letter and find that letter on 
their sheet and color it that color.

For the blocks area.
I think all the painted GB and houses are
all from Bullseye's Playground.
I am not sure where the plain GB come from.

Color by Number from PoP
roll the dice and color that part
of the GB.

Hot Cocoa Count.
I used white pom poms,
brown fun foam for the chocolate
and mugs from dramatic play.

Friday, November 27, 2020

December in Kinderpond

This month in the Kinderpond: 

We always start off with a letter. Read about those here. The children take turns at opening each letter. Then I put the letters in a binder in our library center.
And now our days are even shorter with having the 23rd off as well. It was typically a shortened day for the district now that most of the district is virtual, they cancelled classes that day.  In a new unit from Pocket of Preschool, there are 8 holiday celebrations to learn about. My plan is to intro a new celebration every day. We will cover Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Saint Lucia, and Los Posadas.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Bowling Alley

 All of the printables came from Pocket of Preschool.

A panoramic of our bowling alley and snack bar.

Here is some of our snack bar.
The games for our arcade 
were bought from Walmart (I think lol) 

I turned things around backwards or sideways.

When I was planning this and instead of me doing ALL of the work,

I pulled out all of the tags of what I thought we had,

and at one morning circle, I sent each child to our home living center to 

gather the materials.

I started a list of things that I still had to find or buy.

I made pretzels our of Magic Model- and it was a total fail :(

I used a TON of brown liquid color... and they turned out purple.

I mean, I'm not mad at the color, 

but they didn't survive :(  

Have you made food for the classroom?

What medium did you use? Help a girl out!