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Friday, May 18, 2018

Carnival/Circus Time in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Words- review (short week)

Color black

Numbers 76-78

Name Practice- y'all we still need sooooo much help with writing our name :(
So I am going to print off so many more of these:



Word Study: Theme Words (something like pictured below)
Write theme words on chart paper or sentence strips
Give clip-art to students
Read word, have child bring up clip-art
Glue the clip-art to the chart/sentence strips

Fine Motor: Stack Game

Art: Coloring Sheet  Print your favorites :) 

Writing: Tracing 

Theme/Life Skills: Balloon Lagoon

Story: Carnival

Poem: (broken link)

Word Study: Popcorn Sight Words .Popcorn ABC's
Popcorn box with our sight words on them (review any words so far)

Fine Motor: Snow cone pom-poms 
*use pom-poms to sort by color

Science: Tight-rope Bridge
I don't have the elephants- but I do have cute little people figures-
we will call them "acrobats"!

Math: Popcorn

Art: Create a scene

Writing:  Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Wiffle Ball Toss 
I think we will use our stacking cups and ping pong balls.
I was thinking of using a copy paper box lid but the balls may bounce out, so maybe the whole box instead??  
I was thinking if you needed to add words to the ping pong balls and they can read the ball, they can take a turn.

Story: Snow Cones at the Carnival


Word Study:  Lucky Duck Sight Word 
Use plastic ducks from Dollar Tree or the actual game.
You will need to use garage sale dots to write words on the bottom of the ducks.

Fine Motor: Snow Cone cutting (there are some included)

Art: Puff Paint Cotton Candy 
 Shaving cream, glue and coloring

Writing: Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Movement Cards

Sunday, May 13, 2018

G is for Gardens

Learning Board-

Words blue, all, big, up

Color brown


Numbers 72-75

Name Practice- binder or  these free ones


Story: Calm Down Unit from Pocket of Preschool

We're having some big emotions lately, so we need to figure out how to deal with our emotions correctly. 

I did share the free unit on my page, but in case you don't follow us on Facebook, here it is :)

Poem: Choices- I sorted the ones I wanted to use or had to pick from.  I didn't choose ones I didn't have access to :)

Word Study: Say our words. Spell our words. Yep that's it!!

Theme words  I add this to our learning board.
Use the printing trick and print multiple pages on one page :)

Fine Motor: Seed sort  Dollar Tree

Science: flowers in water  
I am going to use those test tubes from Dollar Tree.

Art: Process art- tiny seed
Have them paint.  Hopefully it will dry by tomorrow so you can cut it apart and then they can assemble :)

Writing:  Pull and trace

Theme/Life Skills: Flower Stew

Story:  Tiny Seed

Poem: Grid Games

Word Study: Plants we Eat

Fine Motor: Flower pom sort

Science: Plant a bean

Art: DD flower

Writing: Line Tracing       (color)                   (b&w)       

Theme/Life Skills: Garden/Plant Shop


Poem:  Syllables

Word Study: Beginning Sounds

Fine Motor: Plant the Seeds

Science: Plant Journal  So we have three plants- we will check every week, in case I forget lol

Math: Patterns

Writing: Grid

Theme/Life Skills: Garden/Plant Shop

Story: Secrets of the Garden

Poem: Flower Garden

Word Study: Have/need/give

Fine Motor: Pokey Pin

Science: Plant Seeds  
These came from Dollar Tree.

Math: Math the Room 

Art: Q-tip painting

Writing:  Trace 

Theme/Life Skills:
Garden/Plant Shop

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