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Friday, September 15, 2017

Colors and Shapes Oh My!

Learning Board

Letter C

Color  ALL

Shape- ALL

Numeral- 4

Name Practice-Binder


Story: Brown Bear

Poem: FSP Songs

Alphabet Study: Letter Punch

Fine Motor: Color tracing sheet

Science: Color Sort Tubes

Math: Frogs/Color Bears  

Free explore

Art: Brown Bear Pages  Maybe this year is the year we finally finish lol

Writing: Rainbow Salt Tray**

Paint bottom of tray, add salt

Theme/Life Skills: Circle Maps Red and Orange

Story: Elmer

Poem: Color Poem

Alphabet Study: Magnetic Letters 
Free explore

Fine Motor: Shape Clip Cards
Here are some!
I grabbed mine from Target!

Science: Magnets From Target or Dollar Tree

Math: Brown Bear Magnets

Writing: Trace Shapes 
Use different colors.

Theme/Life Skills: Circle Maps yellow/green

Story:Pete the Cat Shoes

Poem: Number Poem

Alphabet Study: Sort letters by colors

Fine Motor: Color Clips

Math: Roll and Take

Roll a number cube and a color cube.  Take that many of that color.
We are using frogs.  I roll a blue and a 4. I take 4 blue frogs.

Art: Color Hunt

Hide colors around the house.
Maybe use those color tubes.  Pick on piece of every color.

Writing: Shape Hop 

Using those felt shapes from Target, we are going to hop to them.
Call out a shape and have your child hop to that shape.

Theme/Life Skills: Circle Maps Blue/Purple

Story: Mouse Paint

Poem: Momma Circle

Alphabet Study: Letter Pix Magnets 

Fine Motor: Gumballs and Tweezers

Science: Color Mixing

Math: Pattern Blocks

Art: Paint- color mixing

Writing: Twister

We're working our fine motor and larger motor muscles here!
Fine- fingers- spinning
Large- body- stretching to reach


using those color boarders from Dollar Tree again, do a bean bag toss.

Theme/Life Skills: Circle Maps- Pink-Gray-Black

Shopping List:

Hole Punch
Colorful Bears
Clothes Pins
Tissue Paper (Dollar Tee)
Plastic Bins
Colored Paper

Food Coloring

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Week in Review: Back to School

We grabbed these Grid Games from Play to Learn Preschool

These Floam cards are from Target.

 Because sometimes a StormTrooper sorts buttons lol

We used those Target mini erasers on play dough letters

The mini punch came for Wal~Mart $0.97!  

Works very well!!!

 Clip Cards

Friday, September 8, 2017

All About the Alphabet

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color brown

Shape- square

Numeral- 3

Name Practice-
CCBB Letters


Story:  CCBB

Alphabet Study: Hand Motions

Fine Motor: ABC Punch Sheet

Science: Coconut Sink/Float

Grab a real coconut and see if it floats or sinks :)
Open it up and explore. Taste!

Writing: Light Table Letters

Theme/Life Skills: Sting Letters

Story: Gunnywolf

Alphabet Study: Bingo Game

Fine Motor: Find Your Match

Science: Build a coconut tree (click here to watch a video)

Math:  ABC puzzles in rice
Grab your favorite alphabet puzzle and your choice of filler (rice/sand/beans)

Writing: Tracing A

Theme/Life Skills: Bean Bag Toss on Boarders
These boarders came from Dollar Tree
Toss a bean bag on chart, child says what the letter is.


Poem: Number Formation Poem
Write on dry erase board.

Alphabet Study: Magnet letters target

Fine Motor: ABC Sorting Mat


Science: Pool Letter Stack

Art: #3 play dough 

Writing: Tracing 

Theme/Life Skills: Letter Pop smorgie

Listen to a cute song called Letter Pop!


Alphabet Study: Fabric Letters Match with boarder

Fine Motor: Pinning Sheet

I grabbed my wands at Dollar Tree.

Math: Sort letters based on # in box

I am going to take a large piece of construction paper and divide it up and write numbers as shown below.

Art: Crayon Rubbings *Make*
I will be making three different ones:

Square 3 A

Writing: Easel writing with markers/pencils/crayons
It's a good idea to have kids try different angles to write on.

Theme/Life Skills: Make Pretzel Letters
Maybe we will just use bread sticks!

Shopping List:
Coconut real
Pool Noodle
Breadsticks (tubes in fridge section)
Magnetic Letters
Magnetic Wand
Hole Punch $0.97 at Walmart
Brown Pom poms
Craft sticks
TP roll