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Friday, July 20, 2018

Shark Week!!!

Love love love shark week!  I will be glued to the tv!
Learning Board-

Name Practice-         These are free!


Story: In the Ocean

Poem: baby shark

Word Study: theme words

Fine Motor: Balance Sharks From Target

Science: Shark Tooth
This came from Target.

Art: Watercolor pencils
Just picked these both up at Target in Bullseye's Playground.
Today we are just going to free explore with watercolors.

Writing: Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Shark eats fish on string!
(Y'all I have no idea what I was even talking about- I will get back to you on this! It sounds pretty fun though!!!!)

Story: I Saw Sharks

Poem: Shark Poem

__________ shark, ________ shark
  color word                  color word

Is _______ hiding behind you?

Hide a photo of your child behind one of the sharks.

Word Study: Shark Attack

Fine Motor: Binder

Science: Free play sharks
These can be bought on Amazon.

Art: Watercolor shark
I am going to use my shark die cut and water color pencils!


Theme/Life Skills: Inflatable Shark

Story: Rainbow Sharks
I am writing this book!  It will be ready ASAP!!

Poem: Shark-O

Word Study: Label the shark

Fine Motor: I am going to laminate the ocean stickers and add magnets to the back. These came from Dollar Tree

Science: Match Sharks
I am going to print out ones to match the toys... when I figure out which one is which lol

Writing: Trace

Theme/Life Skills: Ocean Stew

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Kinderpond is Going into the Ocean!

Learning Board

Name Practice-         These are free!


Story: Mermaids

Poem: I Like the Ocean

Word Study:  Theme Words 
I printed these 4 pages on one page
or these

Fine Motor: Octopus

Science: Growing Creatures
These are from Dollar Tree
Trace around them.

Math: Mermaid Patterns
This is just an idea

Art: Watercolors
Yep it is THAT easy.  White paper and watercolors :)

Writing: Sand with stamps

Theme/Life Skills: Ocean Stew


Poem: Grid Games

Word Study: Fishing with magnet letters

Fine Motor: Felt board/book

Science: Land water sort
I will have it posted ASAP!!  (This was from a whole unit)

Art: Stamps

Writing: Grid

Theme/Life Skills: Felt  Memory

Story: In the Ocean

Poem:  Under the Sea  
Follow this pattern with different stuffed animals or ocean toys.

Word Study:  Tell Me a Story cards 
*these are from Target
*Draw several cards and make a story 

Fine Motor: Lacing shapes

Science: Ocean animals match
I am going to print out pictures of the ocean animals I have to match to the toys.

So you/they will match the toy octopus to the print out octopus.

Math: Spin and Graph
I am just going to stamp 4 animal stamps on to a spinner and graph it :)

Art: Shell rubbing
Put a shell down and place paper on the top.
It works best with broken crayons.

Writing: Trace

Theme/Life Skills: Jewel shells on light table