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Sunday, September 20, 2020

September: Week 3

 We will practice our play dough skills to get Pip certified.

Magnet toys from Target
new this year

these are new this year 

these are new this year 

Balance Toys
these are from last year

these are new this year 

these are new this year 

This weeks small groups:

We will play this sort of like bingo.
Teacher will call out a shape and 
the children will cover it with
a mini shape eraser.

My district assesses these 6 shapes.
I couldn't find the perfect sheet,
so I used posters and shrunk them down to 
fit on one page.
We will play just for shape ID. 

There is a Pip spinner book.

We will practice spinning the spinner and take that many 

star mini erasers.

Practicing our color skills here.
I will print some color cards.
They will cover the circles with mini star erasers.

I had extra number strips, so I 
cut one up.
The teacher will call and show the number and
the children will cover them with some mini apple erasers.

The printables from our small groups are

Things that are in our morning bins, go into our centers
so they can choose to play with them during free choice centers.

When we are done with the morning bins, those things go into the centers.  

So last week's unifix cards into the math center.
The "gameboards" we used, go into the math center.
They are still playing all the "games" we played last week.

We are not only working on our fine motor skills,
we are working on letters as well.

The fine motor is when they grasp small items.
In this case.... mini erasers! 

Stacking toys from Target

and another way to stack!

We learned how to play the path games.
Grab your free printable here. About 2/3 of the way down.

Magnet games from Target.

We worked on reading numerals to 5. I called out a number and they 
covered it on their game board ;) 

More balance games from Target.

We sorted our goldfish!

We read a Pip book on Spinners and we got to use spinners.
I made a video and posted it to the big kids blog.

Here is another morning bin. We cut apart our book orders and 
put them on our book wishlist.

We worked on parts of a scientist.
The printable came from 
Pocket of Preschool.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Sept week 2

 Morning Bins week two

Here is how I store our morning bins:

They pull the drawers out and spread out around the room.

I have their names on frog name cards From the Pond.

I attached velcro to the backs and on my drawers.

I move the names down to the next set of drawers. 

Each set of 3 drawers houses the same set of manipulatives.

I added cards to the teddy bears.

Cards here too.

Frogs on a log and cards
(these might be my favorite, I have to borrow
the bears, but not these frogs lol)

Plastic chains and cards

Snap cubes and cards

Here are some more Pip books of course!

My co-teacher taught half the group about the Dot Cube.
I taught mini counters. 
Then we swapped kids and taught the lesson again.
Then we brought out the game boards.

We followed the mini counter book with ideas to use them:

We  made numbers:



Here are our game boards:
we rolled our dot cubes
I used foam cubes and used only 1-3 dots (called Pips1)

Roll the dot cube and add that many mini counters
when they filled their card, then they rolled again and 
removed the mini counters to the container.

Remember last week we practiced our scissor skills?
We decorated our people collages while using the 
Glue sponges too. Plus there's a Pip book for that too!

We read Pip: Dough Fun and played with play dough and tools.
We learned how to open it and close them too!

After we read and practice a Pip book, the kids get to be Pip Certified.

I hang these signs all over!

so in the pretend area, 
when they child has demonstrated
mastery of the area,
they choose a color of dry erase marker and 
I write their name.

The kids are so proud of their learning.

We ended our week with Green and Red Choices
from Pocket of Preschool

We will continue to practice these
next week.

We literally had a child do every single red choice 
in after care... 

I will read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
if we continue to have rough days.

"Today was rough, 
but tomorrow will be better."

Friday, September 4, 2020

September 2020 Week 1

All About Me and School are the topics for our first month of school.

We will learn about our friends and how to work together as a class.

Practicing routines.

We start with meeting Pip the Pup1

She will teach us some very important things!

How to correctly use different areas in our classroom.

How to correctly use supplies and tools in our room.

If there is a need, there is a Pip book for it!

This is NOT a sponsored post, but I am always accepting them!

To get your own Pip products.

Our morning bins:

We start easy. 

We have bears.

Chain links

Plastic frogs

Pattern blocks

and snap cubes

The first week is just free explore. 

We read lots and lots of Pip!!
She teaches us everything!!!!!!

We read a school tool book and then practice what she said. 
Pencils, we use scrap paper and practice :)

We read the crayon book and practice coloring on scrap paper.
We practice before I ask them to do any sort of task.

What pencils do.
What dry erase markers do.
How to be helpful.
How to sit at circle time.
How to use mini counters (aka mini erasers!!!)

Pip has become a staple in my classroom.

We read Pip uses scissors.
I cut narrow strips of paper.
They practiced their cutting skills and
cut them on these trays. 
I saved the pieces for a later date.

We read Pip and the Dry Erase Marker.
We used our yet-to-be-introduced name pockets.

I put a scrap page inside the dry erase pocket.
Next week starts name tracing.
Practice the procedures, first :)
We just write lines like pencils, no drawing.

Need a book to teach about Fall? Pip has you covered!
Teach about spinners? Pip has you covered.
Teach about Glue Sponges? Pip has you covered :)

I promise that I do use other books too, but these are so awesome, the kids who never read on their own, pick up Pip books.

We graph our favorite colors.
We measured our shoes with cubes.

I use these name cards and shrunk them down to 4 pages per page.
Check your printer settings :)

Then when we made our hair graph: