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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Traveling to the rain forest

Learning Board-

Words on, in, to, go

Color green

Shape- cylinder

Numbers 58-61

Name Practice-binder or


Poem: I bought this so so many years ago lol . 

Deep in the rain forest
is a tree so high.
Look very closely,
What do you spy?
It's a/an color animal!
Watch it (move) by.

Word Study: RF theme words

Fine Motor: Paper Chain Snake
Staple strips of green paper together.

Math: Puzzles

Art: Paint snake head
Just provide paint, cut it out later :)

Writing: tracing Lines (I'm searching for this printable on without any luck :(

Theme/Life Skills: Rain Forest Cafe
I gathered food from the kitchen and the glasses, mugs, and grass skirt came from Dollar Tree


Poem: 5 Monkey's felt

Word Study: Rap It, Clap It

Fine Motor: MWS

Science: Biome Sort

Art: Flannel Board

Writing:  Stamps

Theme/Life Skills: Rain Forest Cafe


Poem: In the Rain forest 

Word Study:  Bubble Gum Words

Fine Motor: Q-tip words

Science: Animal Sort the animals come from Learning Resources.
Sort by color, animal, fly/walk, etc.

Art: Plate Snake 
Paint a paper plate, let dry, cut in spiral

Writing: SW Grid

Theme/Life Skills: Rain Forest Cafe

Story: Secrets of the RF

Poem: Animals in the Jungle Say

Word Study: Glass Beads . I am going to write out our words and then have them match the beads to the words.

Fine Motor: Hanging Snakes


Math: Shaker Those are dyed chick peas!

Art: Coffee filter butterflies process art

Writing:  Writing

Theme/Life Skills: Rain Forest Cafe

Shopping List:
green construction paper
staples and staplers
plastic cups
flannel board
paper plate
glass beads
coffee filter

sensory bin filler

Rain Forest Cafe items
fruits, chocolate

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kinderpond learns about our Community

Learning Board

Words: on, in, to, go

Color yellow

Shape- your choice to review

Numbers 55-58

Name Practice- use your binder or these, they're free.  There are also some paid ones that are super cute!!!!


Story:  Career Day


Word Study: Clothespin clip 

Fine Motor: Community Helper Puzzle (free version)

Science: Magnet Car Puzzle but any magnet puzzle will be perfect!

Math: Roll and Count
Use truck mini erasers and ice cube trays to fill.  
Or use a 10 frame, 20 frame, 30 frame.. you get the idea.  Heck race to 100 frame ;) 

Writing:  Black sand writing
I grabbed black sand from Dollar Tree. The box comes from Target, with toys I've removed.

Theme/Life Skills: Construction Stew

Story: Postman Pat

Poem: Farmer in the Dell either felt set would work

Word Study:  Hammer Golf Tees use letters or words to fit your needs. Golf tees from Walmart.

I am going to use these from the Dollar Tree to write the words.

Fine Motor: Counting match

Science: Capsules (grabbed from Target)

Math: Community Helper Sort 
Last time, I hid these in different sensory bins, this year, I plan to hide them around the room.  I will use that blue putty stuff.

Writing: Fire Writing

Theme/Life Skills: Magnetic Doll

Story: Magnetic Community Helpers
Print out community helpers and make clues about them.


Fine Motor: Target Puzzle matching together 2 pieces 

Science: Magnet Scene

Math: Trans Puzzles

Art: Felt Envelope Set

Writing: Sight Word Color Block
Color each word a separate color.

Theme/Life Skills: Felt Book Vehicles that Go

Story: I Stink


Word Study: Heidi Songs

Fine Motor: Lacing Cards


Math: Number/Shape Puzzles

Art: Play dough Tray

Writing: Trace & Write Sheets (here)

Theme/Life Skills: Blocks With road tape

Don't have road tape?  No worries, I found these too that I will use too lol