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Friday, March 16, 2018

Kinderpond Learns about: Eric Carle

Learning Board-

Word I  

Color Review  I am just going to go back and review in rainbow order. 

Shape- review

Numeral- 50-54

Name Practice-use your binder or these-they're free!



Alphabet Study: Leprechaun Candy

Fine Motor: Pompom Sheets add tongs

Science: Magnets

Math: 10 Frames

Writing: The word "I"

Theme/Life Skills: Scavenger Hunt

Story: VHC

Poem:  VHC flannel board

Alphabet Study: Letter Sort Today sort letters in my name or not in my name.

Fine Motor: Rainbow Count and Record 

Science: Butterfly Life Cycle.  We are going to sing the song and use the color pieces below to make a butterfly life cycle headband.  We are going to use a sentence strip.

Math: boardgames

Art: ColorForms

Writing:  Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Head to Toe Game

Story: QR Codes

Alphabet Study:  Letter Sort
Holes/no Holes

Science: Dollar Store Science 

Math: Let's Feed game

Art: Coloring Sheet

Writing: Journal

Theme/Life Skills: Card Game

Story: Brown Bear


Alphabet Study: Straight Lines/curvy lines

Fine Motor: Skittles Patterns

Science: Sensory Bin I grabbed food from our kitchen and used magnets 

Math: VHC Game 

Art: Torn Paper Rainbow

Writing: Sandbox

Theme/Life Skills: Brown Bear Game

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lucky Leaping Leprechauns

Learning Board

Letter L

Color Green

Shape- Shamrock

Numeral- 45-49

Name Practice- Binder


Poem: Carpet Games

Alphabet Study: Leprechaun Letters  I am going to write my letters on gold coins- in rainbow colors.  My hope that they will write in that color, but you know how that goes lol 

 Letters from the Alphabet

Fine Motor: Q-tip rainbow

Science: Sink the pot

Math: Dominoes

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills: Leprechaun Stew


Alphabet Study: Leprechaun Letter Match

Fine Motor: Shamrocks on Light table

Science: Quantity Stem

Math: Missing Gold

Writing: Creation Station 
Think greens yellows and golds

Check this out from last year.

Theme/Life Skills: String Froot (Loop No link)


Poem: 5 Shamrocks

Alphabet Study: Shamrock Shamrock

Fine Motor: Push Pin Pages

Science: Skittles

Theme/Life Skills: SnapCubes

Story: Lady Swallowed retell with props  

Grab your lady here.


Alphabet Study: St Patrick's Day

Fine Motor: Play dough shapes

Green Slime and gold coins

I grabbed the slime from Target and the coins from Dollar Tree.

Math: Count and Color

Art: Torn Paper Rainbow

Writing: Tara West Letter Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Lucky Charms Graph

Shopping List:
Froot Loops
Lucky Charms