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Friday, January 19, 2018

Bear-y Learning in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter  Ee

Color Brown

Shape- Rectangle

Numeral- 20

Name Practice- Binder

Monday-  We are going to watch the science video first and read the book later. 

Story: Bear Snores

Poem:  Shape Little Bear 

I am going to use the felt shapes from Target :)

Alphabet Study: Letter Book

Fine Motor: Letters Punch Sheet

Math: Teddy Grahams
Roll number cube- eat that number lol  

Art: Polar Bear P2L  We're trying this again!

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills: Salt 
Pouring into shakers and then shaking out


Poem: Bear Rhyming

Alphabet Study: Spin & Cover 

Fine Motor: Pokey Pages

Math: Bear Number Game
We will use our calendar chart again for this "game" 
Put the bears together in order first.  Then have them add the additional cards where they go. 

Art: Learn to Draw/Paint  
Put the card up.  Let them draw or paint a bear.

Writing: Bears 
Place gummy bear erasers on the letters to form the letter.

Theme/Life Skills: Movement Dice

Story: Goldilocks

Alphabet Study: Teddy Bear Picnic

Fine Motor: Bear Shapes 

Science: $Tree Science Kit

Writing: Bear-y Fun

Theme/Life Skills: Scissor Skills


Alphabet Study: Feed the Bear 

Fine Motor: Tongs and buttons

Math: Bear Den

I will use my gummy bear erasers.
You could use gummy bears or teddy grahams too!
The "cave" is half of a coconut bra from Dollar Tree.  We have also just used a bowl instead :)

Art: Roll a Polar Bear

Theme/Life Skills: Game

I got these at Dollar Tree.

Take a bear toy- think stuffed animal.  Place your cards out. Have your child, gently toss bear.  They must say the letter/number/color the bear landed on.

Shopping List:
Teddy Grahams
Brown Play-Doh!

Dollar Tree
Salt Shakers
Coconut bra (or bowl)
Gummy Bears
Science Kit
Play-doh! trinkets (eyes, beads, etc.)
Brown Paper Bag
Small Containers
Hot Glue
Alphabet Chart 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kinderpond Learns about the Chinese New Year

Learning Board-

Letter J

Color Red/Gold

Shape- Square

Numeral- 19

Name Practice- Your choice again :)


Poem: 5 Green Dragons

Fine Motor: Letters Punch Sheet

Science: Video

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills: Practice Tying Shoes
I have this big one and some little ones.



Alphabet Study: Bingo Dauber Sheet

Fine Motor: Mini Muffin

So you don't have this toy?  Grab a cupcake tin at Dollar Tree and some liners, write numbers on the bottom.  Have them add that number of pony beads or pom-poms to the bottom.

Science: Dollar Tree Experiment

Math: Puzzles  (I will add a photo later, it's nap time and I am not disturbing that!)  As always, any puzzle will do :)

Theme/Life Skills: Chinese Food Dramatic Play


Poem: Lion Dance Song

Alphabet Study: ABC Magnets  I am going to write the alphabet on a sentence strip... or strips :) and we will match the letters to the letters.

Science: Chinese Slime  
Minus the glitter for me though lol

Art: Dragon

Writing: CNY Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Scissor Skills

Story: Happy Happy Year

Poem: Chinese New Year

Alphabet Study: Alphabet Bottle

Fine Motor: Lo Mien Transfer

Science: Red Rice Gold Coins

Math: Chinese Calendar Pieces  We are just going to put the numbers in order.

Art: Ice Cube Color Mixing 
Give the children water colored with food coloring, an ice cube tray and some droppers. 

Writing: Tara West Letter Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Food toys again :)

Shopping List:

Hole Punch Walmart
Clear Glue

Dollar Tree
Clothes Pins
Shoe with laces (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
Bingo Dauber
Tissue Paper
Pony Beads
Food Coloring
Beans (alphabet bottle or just use more rice)
Ice Cube Tray

Muffin Tin
Science Experiment