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Friday, June 15, 2018

Ice Cream in Summer

Learning Board-

Words have, or, by, one

Color orange

Numbers 91-93

Name Practice-         These are free!


Story: Ice Cream Colors  Ice Cream Flavors

There are two versions of this story. One is flavors and one is just colors.

Poem: 5 Scoops Poem

Word Study: Theme Words

Science: Ice Cream Sheet

Writing: Sprinkles in the writing tray-
work on letters or sight words

Theme/Life Skills: Summer Stew
I used those Popsicles from Target.

Story:  Popsicle

Poem:  Sight Word Match 

Word Study: Rhyme Puzzles

Fine Motor: Ice Cream sort

Art: BBQ playdough


Theme/Life Skills: Ice Cream shop


Word Study: Beginning Sounds

Fine Motor: Color by Number

Science: Make Ice Cream a second way

Then compare use a Venn diagram

Art:  DD Ice Cream

Writing: Trace

Theme/Life Skills: Ice Cream Shop

Sunday, June 10, 2018

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Learning Board-

Words they, be, this, from

Color red

Numbers 88-90

Name Practice-         These are free!


Story: Dear Zoo

Poem: Theme Words

Word Study: 5 Elephants

Fine Motor: Elephant Maze

Science: Zoo STEM

Math: Zoo Race

Writing: Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Zoo Toys

Story: I Went to the Zoo

Poem: Grid Games

Word Study: Missing Letters

Fine Motor: Zoo play dough

Science: Zoo scavenger hunt

Art: DD


Theme/Life Skills: Movement Cube roll and move

Story: At the Zoo

Poem: Zoo flannel pieces
I really need to get on my story writing game!  
New idea!!  
I will write some kind of poem/story using those zoo animal pieces

Word Study: Elephant Sat on you

Math: Snap Cubes

Writing: Trace

Theme/Life Skills: Scissor Skills

Zoo trip!!!!!