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Friday, November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter T

Color  Black

Shape- Cube

Numeral- 12

Name Practice- We will be using this from T. West

Day 1-

Story: Swallowed a Turkey

Give pieces to the children. While you read the story have them add to pocket chart or flannel board in the order that you're reading.

Poem:  Tom Turkey

Alphabet Study: Letters from the Alphabet

Fine Motor: Pie Sort

Science: Plant popcorn
That's right, we're planting corn!  Popcorn that is.  Take a zip-top bag.  Get a damp paper towel.  Place inside of bag.  Put several pieces of regular popcorn in the bag.  This needs to lay flat.  Come back daily to check and lightly spray inside of bag for popcorn to grow.  It does take a few days, but it does work. Don't over spray your bags though, could grow mold. 

Math: Cube Roll             EZ                     Cute   

                                       Colorful                    Harder

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills: Feather Race

Day 2
Story: Our Friends

Poem: I See Thanksgiving

Alphabet StudyLetter formation poem

Fine Motor: Fine Motor turkey

Science: Sid Senses

Art: Smelly Paint

Just take regular paint and add spices: cinnamon, apple pie spice, cloves, your choice!  I'd love to hear what you used!

Writing:  Shhhh!  We're making Turkey Stew :)

Theme/Life Skills: Make pumpkin pies

Day 3
Story: Pete the Cat

Poem: Thanksgiving

Alphabet Study: Feast Full  

Fine Motor: Pom pom color sort

Science:          Popcorn for many   Popcorn senses

Math:        Thanksgiving Kids        Turkey Dominoes

Art: Color with smelly markers

Yep, this is super simple.  Grab your smelly markers and let them color!
We don't do coloring books, so white paper it is!

We have tons of smelly art tools :) markers, pencils, pens

Writing: Tara West Letter Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Turkey Trot

Shopping List:
Smelly Markers
Paper Towels
Zip bag
Spray bottle
Stew pieces
Paper cup
Pipe cleaners


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday Week in Review: Monsters

Position words

Watching Where the Wild Things Are

Straw blown monsters

Spin and fill monsters

 Monster clips-fine motor sorting

The only monster left to snap a photo lol

I cut apart my monster cube an added it to my fabric cube.

I used my large alphabet beads (the look like big M&M's)
I paper clipped random monster letters to my Target chart.

STEM monster building

Crayon shaving- these were cheapy crayons from Dollar Tree.

towel, waxed paper folded in half, another towel 

 Finished monster :)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Kinderpond Learns about nutrition

Learning Board-

Letter N

Color Purple

Shape- Sphere

Numeral- 11

Name Practice-tons of Ideas

These are some of our books: George's Breakfast is a magnet book 


Alphabet Study: Letters from the Alphabet

Fine Motor: Lacing Shapes

Writing: Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Food Sorting


Alphabet Study: Bingo Sheet 

Fine Motor: LeapFrog Fridge

Science: Magnet Set

Art: Colored Corn Mosaic

Writing: Tracing Food

Theme/Life Skills: Felt Apple pie Kit

Story:  Food Book

Alphabet Study:  Popcorn Tracing

Science: Light Table Food idea from Play to Learn Preschool 
email or message me on Facebook for an exclusive freebie for this activity.

Theme/Life Skills: Sandwich Cards

Story: Food Book

Poem: Shape Poem

Alphabet Study: Cookie Letter Match

Fine Motor: Lacing Food

Science: Set table   
Correctly set the table.  Placemat, fork, spoon, knife, napkin, and cup.

Math: Stack cups on light table   
Roll a number cube and stack that many cups continue building a tower.

Art: Turkey feather rubbings  
So I am going to do the glue with my glue gun and we will use them with paper over the top.  Rub use crayons laying down over the top.

Theme/Life Skills: Make bread

Shopping List:
Food Coloring
Bread (from scratch ingredients or frozen)

Popsicle sticks
Pom poms or mini erasers
Colored Paper
Paper Plate
Mini pie pans

*Harvest Stew materials*