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Friday, December 8, 2017

Gingerbread in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter G

Color Pink

Shape- Cone

Numeral- 15

Name Practice Binder-  your choice!


Fine Motor:  GB Sticker

Science: GB Path 
Ask science questions like:
Name the sense that you smell with
Tell me the color of the sun.

Art: Dec GBM with stamps if you don't have stamps, a simple coloring sheet would be great too!

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills: Foam 
We are going to make this kit :)


Poem: GBM Letters

Alphabet Study: GB Rhymes

Fine Motor:  Lights Find
I bought mini lights at Dollar Tree and took them apart.
We are going to place them into the play dough.

Science: I Can Senses

Theme/Life Skills: GB Stew


Alphabet Study: Build me a letter

Fine Motor: Bells Patterns

Science: Label GBM

Art: GB Dough 
(use instead of the putty if you don't have it)
Today it's just free play :) 

Writing: GBH Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Scissor Skills

Story: Gumdrop Gumdrop

Poem: Gumdrops

Alphabet Study: GB House & Kids

Fine Motor: Light table waterbeads
I grabbed the waterbeads at Target in Bullseye's Playground (Dollar Spot) as part of another activity.
The cookie cutters came from Dollar Tree

Science: Gingerbread Slime

Math: Roll a GB House

Art: GB House

Writing: Tara West Letter Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Catch a GB

Shopping List:
White Glue
Mini Stickers (Target)


Dollar Tree
Mini lights
Cookie Cutters

Stew Ingredients:
* bowl
* spoons
* brown pom poms (maybe??)
* white ribbon
* gumdrops
* hardcandy