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Friday, May 26, 2017

Kinderpond Reads the Classics

This was such a hard unit to plan!  There are so many great books out there it was so very difficult to just pick these!
Learning Board

Letter C

Color Black

Shape- sphere

Numeral- 9

Name Practice- Gel Bag 
So my plan is to add the letters in Froglet's name and a few other random letters.  It is totally great to just have your child's name inside.  

Have an older child? Add more letters.


Story- 3 Little Pigs

Poem- Character Poster use THESE pieces in the Tot version. 

Show your child and say "these are the characters" show animals
"Here is the setting" show the houses
You can use the last pieces to show order.

(I couldn't find their post of these)

Math/Life Skills/Science  Blowing Activity

Theme- Toy Pigs  
Regular Toy pigs, or this super cute pig game:

Snack- 3 Little Pigs Snack Mix
(user upload)

Shredded Cheese
Slim Jim's or Licorice

Potato Sticks
Chocolate Chunks


Art- Design a cap  Print off your child's favorite kind of cap.
Dress hat, baseball, Fedora, whatever!
I grabbed these at Dollar Tree

Math/Life Skills/Science-  Monkey's Game

This is a game we have.  Don't have the game?  No worries!  Grab that barrel of monkey's or find some toy monkeys!  Don't have those? Put magnets on the back of your monkeys from above and bring out the magnet board!

Theme-Caps on Paint Stick 

Print the hats from HERE

Snack- Nilla Wafer and Banana Sandwiches  

Story  Goldilocks

Finger plays- Little Red Hen 
I want it short and sweet! 

Music/Art- Story pieces   

Math/Life Skills/Science Make Bread

Theme- Dot the H with Bingo Daubers

Snack- Eat the bread


Fingerplays- Wheels on the Bus

Math/Life Skills/Science Itsy Bitsy Spider

Thinking about a pool noodle cut in half the long ways, but not sure my spiders will fit???

Theme- Cube Roll

Snack- Bus Graham Cracker
(user upload)

Shopping List:
Pretzel Sticks
*Shredded Cheese
*Licorice or Slim Jim
*Potato Sticks
*Chocolate Chunks
Nilla Wafers
Yeast- Rapid
Graham Crackers
White Frosting
Yellow Food Coloring
Mini Oreos if you're adding wheels we aren't!

Colored Paper- red, yellow (if you can't find straw/hay)
****Straw?? y'all where does one get hay/straw?!?!?!? 
Paint Stick
Mini Clothespins
Bingo Dauber
Construction Paper
Hair Gel
Alphabet Beads
Rain Gutter (under $5 at a hardware store.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week in Review: Fairy Tales

We planted seeds from Target and then... 
we waited for them to grow.
He laid down in hopes they would grow lol

Such a hard concept to wait for something to grow.
Only took a few days :)
Froglet was so excited to see sprouts.
Not all have grown yet :( 

We listened to Jack and the Beanstalk over and over and over again!

We put them on the foam crowns from DT.


We made up our own stories a ton!

We played together. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kinderpond Gets Musical

Learning Board-

Letter M

Color Green

Shape- Cone

Numeral- 8

Name Practice- Binder


Story- Play Louis Play 
I couldn't find anyone reading it on YouTube :(

This sounds good too!

Show Brass slide today.

Math/Life Skills/Science  Mini Dominoes 

but really any dominos will work!
I grabbed these at Dollar Tree.  OMg, they are sooooo cute!

Theme- Music Freeze
Play like musical chairs without the chairs.

Play music, when it stops, child stops. Move again when the music starts.

Snack- Yogurt Drops
I had leftover yogurt so I needed to use it up.  So I am going to draw some "sheet music" on paper.  Like lines and a treble clef. Place the drops to pretend they are the notes :)

Story- Swallowed a Cello 
Skip the annoying puppet lol

Instrument Families 
Show Woodwind slide today.

Math/Life Skills/Science- String Instruments
You could glue the strings on or leave them off for for additional practice.

Theme- Instrument Sort
Use real instruments to sort. Grab your musical toys and see how your child sorts them!

Snack- Music Graham Crackers (user upload)


Instrument Families 
Show Percussion slides today.

Music-  Drumline

Math/Life Skills/Science  Music Bingo
Take any of your pieces and print a second set. Make your own BINGO board :)

Theme- Jingle Bell paint 
Think marble paint, but use bells instead!

Snack- Guitar Krispie Treats (user upload)


Instrument Families 
Show Strings slide today.

Music- Beethoven

Math/Life Skills/Science  Music Memory
Take your second set from Bingo to play memory. 

Theme- Music Sort
Use these cards to sort in the cards into the sorting tray.  I got mine at Dollar Tree.

Here are several choices to print:

Set 1        Set 2           Set 3          Set 4        Set 5

Snack- Xylophone (user upload)

Shopping List:
Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter or other spread
Pretzel Sticks
Raisins/chocolate chips
Rice Krispies

Brown Paper
Jingle Bells

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kinderpond Celebrates Moms!

Froglet would only calm down when he was a baby to Glee.
Very fitting that's what he chose for our dance party!

Jewels from Dollar Tree.
The ice cubes were from Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

So I pulled out the play doh toys.
Heart is our shape.
The yellow thing is the letter.
The orange thing is our number.
Yes, that is Scentos playdough!

I used cardstock.
Painters tape from Dollar Tree.

Some of my tape pulled the paper off :(

Spinach and artichoke dip.

Don't forget to check your local yard sale groups on Facebook.
I paid less than a $1 per book.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fairy Tales Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color White

Shape- Review

Numeral- 7

Name Practice- Binder

So what I will do is bring out the pieces.  Use as a felt board story or magnets.  I want to see if Froglet can recall anything from the story.

Music-  Fairy Tale Song

Math/Life Skills/Science   Count and Climb 

Tube with spoons. I am totally going to use green spoons lol
I will be unwrapping some paper for the tube lol

Theme- Investigate Beans

****Soak beans overnight. Explore with them. 
Squeeze them. 
Open them up.

I've done this with kindergarten through 5th grade.  Honestly, I have no idea who enjoyed it the most!!

Snack- You aren't going to want to hear this... bean dip lol 
See it fits in the bean theme, we're not doing jelly beans lol


Fingerplay Shape Family

Art-  Fairy Dough

Math/Life Skills/Science- Trace Shapes

Theme- Plants
We are going to work on the plants that I bought at Target for Easter.
I will also "plant" a bean that we didn't dissect.  Get a paper towel damp. Place folder paper towel in bag.  Lay bean(s) in bag. Watch.

Snack- Picnic Basket
I will grab our toy basket and put a snack inside.  Little sandwiches would be cute!

Story  Frog Prince

Fingerplays- Introduce Story Pieces
Put magnets on the back and just discuss who they are and make up a story.  Easy, not hard, like, "Here is a giant, here is a princess who lives in the castle.  Tomorrows activity, is where your child makes up their own story.

Art- Decorate a crown.
  I will print out Froglet's favorite one.  Search "crown coloring page"

Math/Life Skills/Science Crown Counting with jewels
I bought ackkkk glitter hot glue to make it sparkle... gross. I don't do glitter.
I will have to see if it makes a mess.  If it does, I'm gifting it to another teacher lol  The crowns came from Dollar Tree.

On one side I will make the numbers. Then later, we will flip them over.

Theme- Fill the Crown
Flip over your crowns and add a number cube. Use jewels or glass beads.  

Snack- Pixie Dust Popcorn


Fingerplays- Make up your own story using pieces from yesterday.  This isn't a by yourself activity... yet!  Help your child tell the story.

Math/Life Skills/Science Lego Bridge

Theme- Spin and Graph  
Look for Part 1

Snack-Frog Cupcakes

Shopping List:
Dried Beans
White Chocolate Chips
Cake Mix
Tube icing

Green spoons