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Friday, September 30, 2016

Apples All Around

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color  Green

Shape- Hexagon  

This is BRAND NEW this week!!!! 

Theme Words:  I printed 4 pages on one 8x11 page

Numeral- 19

Name Practice- Apples  

Head over to our Facebook page for your copy! 

Art~ Dauber Apple 

Journal- Red/Green/Yellow Garage Sale StickersMake three rectangles in your journal.  Draw the rectangles using red, green, and one in yellow.  Your child's job will be to add green, red, yellow garage sale dots into the correct rectangle. 

Math/Life Skills/Science

Cherry Cherry Game (They look like apples lol)


Snack- Apple Jacks (Really anything apples.  Froglet doesn't really like applesauce or dried apples :(  }


Story - Ten Apples on Top

Fingerplay Apple Bingo

Math/Life Skills/Science- 10 Apples with Daubers
I'm leaning towards making circles to show Froglet where and how many dots he should make.  If he was older and more confidant with his counting ability I wouldn't make the circles for him.  I am still debating on how to best to make them.

Journal- Color Apple ten frame 
Grab your free printable here.

Snack- Sample Apples

Cut up some of your apples.  Save the rest for the other day's snacks.

Story  Apples

Fingerplays- Red Apple Green Apple

Music- Applesauce 

Math/Life Skills/Science Apple Craft Sticks

or Apple Dominoes

Journal- Color Hexagon

I will draw hexagons and give Froglet several greens to color them, like we did with the ovals. 

Snack- Mini Caramel Apples

Story My Apple

Fingerplays- 5 Red Apples

Art- Fizzing Apple  
I am going to look up "apple coloring page" and pick your favorite one! 

Math/Life Skills/Science
Spin red/yellow/green

Journal- Torn paper A.  Offer green, red, or yellow paper.  Draw a capital letter A in your journal.

Snack- Apple Snickers Salad

Shopping List:

Baking Soda
Food Coloring
Citric Acid (I used my WalMart app and it is there.  It tells me the aisle too)
Daubbers (red green)
Pom-poms (red, green, yellow)
Apple Jacks
Paint (red, green, yellow)
Apples- various kinds
Snickers (grab big ones, so you don't have to unwrap all the little ones)
Cool Whip
Vanilla Pudding
Garage Sale Dots (red, green, yellow)
Apple Jack Cereal

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week in Review: Pirates

Left was spray painted, a little difference, not much :(

Dress up day, he wouldn't put the patch over his eye because he couldn't see lol

We went to a "Pirate Ship" lol

I was teaching with the big kids, so I didn't get to take many photos.

Froglet had a super cute Pirate Minion shirt complete with a cape!
(Forgot to take photo lol)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Are You Ready for Football ????

Learning Board-

Color- Brown 

Trace the Shape- Trapezoid 

Numeral- 18

Name Practice- Football Letters

I am going to write the letters on plain footballs.


Story-Go Fight Win

Poem- Football Flannel Board


Art~Q-tip football 

Print out football coloring sheet, use Q-tips to dot a football.

Type "football coloring page" on your favorite search engine. Have your child pick their favorite one :)

Math/Life Skills/Science

I grabbed this tray at the Dollar Tree.  In the middle, I am going to put numbers and letters together. On the ends, we will sort if they are numbers or letters.  

If your children are older, I use this sheet in kindergarten:
I have them color the numbers one color and the letters another color.

Snack- Brown Cone shaped chip holder- I am grabbing brown construction paper and using a white crayon for the laces.  Add your favorite snack food.


Music- Fan Numbers

Math/Life Skills/Science- Magnet Boards

Snack- Nachos with quesso dip.


Fingerplays- Bring out the flannel board pieces, and retell the poems.

Art-Paint a paper plate shaped football  

Cut a paper plate or cardstock into a football shape. Paint!

Math/Life Skills/Science
Football and guy matching

Snack- Green or brown dipped pretzel rods



We Will Rock You

Math/Life Skills/Science
Football Clip Cards

Make brown clothes pins

I'm not even saying I will paint mine...I am thinking brown permanent marker :) I have a white paint pen or gel white pen.

Snack- Football Apples

Shopping List:
Felt- brown, multiple colors of your choice
Brown paper (for football or tray) and for the cone
nacho chips
pretzel rods
Brown candy melts

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week in Review: Alphabet

I lined a Lego box with a felt rectangle to lessen the dice dumping.
Froglet would pick up letters and added them to his bin.
I picked up those bins, which came in a set, at Dollar Tree.

We had yucky weather, so I brought out our tunnels and "tents"

Froglet didn't want to use the hammer,
so fingers it was!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Pirate Week

Learning Board-

Color- black

Shape- Review

Numeral- 17

Name Practice- Gold Coins
Write a letter on one of each gold coins.  I grabbed mine at Dollar Tree


Story- How to Become a Pirate

Poem- 5 Brave Pirates

Music-  Pirate Alphabet

Math/Life Skills/Science
Pirate Plate math

Number cube (you can grab a programmable one at Dollar Tree) We are still working with counting dots, but you could program yours with number words, tally marks, ten frames.

Roll cube.  Add that many gold coins to top part of plate.  Roll again, add that many to the other side of the plate.

Count and add both piles to the bottom part of the plate. For older children, I would have have them make a math sentence.  Either use numbers or a white board to write them down.

Snack- Pirate Booty Popcorn (or just regular popcorn)


Fingerplay 5 little pirates

Art- Boy/Girl coloring sheet (part two)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Pirate Potato Head

Snack- Sword Kabobs- Meat and Cheese
We are also making fruit kabobs so it's up to you which you do today :)

Use those cute little drink swords (save them though for your light table!)

Story   Pirate ( on tpt) this is our book for our TagReader Jr.

Fingerplays- A Pirate Went out to Sea (Ignore their typo)

Music-  We Are Pirates (youtube)

Math/Life Skills/Science

Magnet Board

Snack-Gold Oreos

Grab some golden Oreos (not the regular ones) and some food grade gold spray, found in the craft section


Fingerplay- Pirate Theme Rhyme

Art- Coin Rubbing

I plan to tape down some gold coins onto paper.  Do a loop of tape under the coins just to keep them in place so Froglet doesn't get frustrated if they would move around.  Place another piece of paper on top of the coins, kind of like a coin sandwich!  Color over the top of the paper.  

Math/Life Skills/Science

Dress up and Pirate Ship 

The Pirate hat, eye patch and shirt but no pants.
Gathering our Melissa and Doug Pirate- hat, patch, and shirt... no pants, I am sensing a theme lol

The eye patch and hat came from Target. The sword came from Dollar Tree. (not in the photo)

Snack- Kabobs  
Either meat and cheese or fruit

Shopping List:
Pirate Booty Popcorn (you can just use your favorite popcorn too)
Gold Spray Food Grade!!!
Light Tan Oreos
Swords (think appetizers)
Construction Paper
Meat (solid, think salami)
Cheese (block)
Gold Coins (Dollar Tree)