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Friday, June 30, 2017

Kinderpond Celebrates America

Learning Board-

Letter A

Color Red/White/Blue (just hang a flag)

Shape- Star

Numeral- 14

Name Practice- Stars

We will be listening to this CD during our art times:


Story- Fireworks

Poem On Independence Day

Art~ Tie Dye Shirts

Math/Life Skills/Science   Red/White/Blue Pony Bead bracelets

Theme- Letter pop using those paper poppers.

I saw this idea on IG and instantly knew I had to do it too. Anyways, you write out things on the ground using chalk.  So I will do a letter A, a star, letters of his name anything.  You call out that item and your child must throw those paper snaps

Story- 4th of July

Fingerplay Stars and Stripes

I will have froglet punch those stars out of Red&Blue paper and we will use our glue sponge to attach.  If we have the curling ribbon, we will add that... not guaranteeing anything lol

Math/Life Skills/Science- Red/White/Blue Roll
Using rocks/jewels/ erasers and a color die and regular one.  Roll each.  Pick up that many of that colored rock.

Ex. you roll a 3 and blue  you take 3 blue rocks.  Roll a 6 and white, you take 6 white rocks.

To prep: get two cubes  cover the sides of one of them with tape/stickers/paper making 2 sides red, 2 sides blue, 2 sides white.

Theme- Red/White/Blue Sensory Bin

Using those Target mini star erasers, sort them by Red/White/Blue.
We will be using tweezers/tongs.
You could totally combine these two activities.  I am going to print out this game board for sorting.  Feel free to use Red/White/Blue construction paper or draw a Red/White/Blue shape onto paper.  You could also print out a ten frame or more :)

Snack- Red/White/Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches/Cookies


Fingerplays-  Way Up in the Sky

Art- Dauber Flag


Math/Life Skills/Science Pattern Block Flag

Theme- Star Rockets 

For the LOVE!  I so didn't make this up in my head, but I have no idea where I got the idea from.  I thought I saved it on Pinterest... I didn't.

You need a milkshake straw and a regular straw.  Cut a piece about 1/3 of the milkshake straw.  Tape one end together.  Place the open end on the regular straw. Blow!!!!!  See how far you can get them.  

Snack- Bomb Pops- is that what they're even called???

Shopping List:

Tie Dying Stuff 
T Shirts
Pony Beads ( red/white/blue)
Pipe Cleaner (for bracelet)
Paper Snaps
Paper Plate
Construction Paper ( red/white/blue)
Sensory Bin filler (we used red/white/blue rice)
Erasers or Pony Beads again
Red and Blue Daubers
Regular and Milkshake Straws

Rice Krispies
Food Coloring
Ice Cream
Bomb Pops

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kinderpond travels to the beach

Here is last year's Beach Plan.

We have swimming lessons in the morning, so we have been doing school after dinner.  :)

Learning Board

Letter B

Color  tan I am going to color with a tan marker on an index card. Write the name "tan" in tan :)

Shape- rectangle Think beach towel :)

Numeral- 13

Name Practice-                New Sheet           Morning Work


Story- Seashore Shine a Light

Poem Beach Ball 
Pocket Chart

Art~ Beach Ball Plate  

I am going to use those cute squares from the Dollar Tree.

Math/Life Skills/Science   Beach ball 10 frames  or Sandcastles


Theme- Build a Crab

Snack- Snack Mix  We're going to have our snack in a bucket lol


Fingerplay Summer Sequence  
(This is a paid resource, so just talk about which would be first, next, last)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Seashells
I would really like to find some real shells to touch and smell and listen to!
We would go to the ocean every summer and collect shells, now we live by Lake Michigan... not the same lol

I left a link for sortable shells, but the real ones are best :)

Theme- Puzzles                   Aloha Girls         and         BOYS!!!!!!!


Snack- Starfish Sandwiches


Fingerplays-  Waves in the Sea

Art- Surf Boards   
I  love these!  They are so cute!  There are no patterns provided, but she does show step by step directions on how she made the surfboards.

Math/Life Skills/Science Puzzles  


Theme- Kinetic Sand

Snack- Blue Dipped Pretzels

Shopping List:
Snacks (whatever you have on hand- pretzels, cereal, ect)

Sandwich Makings (meat, cheese, PB, whatever your child likes)
Pretzel Rods
Blue Candy Melts

Clean sand bucket Dice
Paper Plate
Tissue Paper

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week in Review: Ocean

 This is from Play to Learn Preschool

The fishing poles to this game are the worst!
We reach our hands in and take one out without looking.

Those Scentos came from Literacy and Lattes 

This is how it was set up.
Yes there are wipes.
Normally, I only allow black ink.
My students color their stamp prints in.
I bought the ink pads at Target in the dollar section.

We set the stamps on the color we were going to use.

Then we rolled and stamped.
With older kids they could roll stamp and then add.
Circling two set of ocean animals for the problem.

This is how I store my inks.  Yes they are upside down.
This is so the ink stays near the top.
Old scrapbooking tip!
When we were done, out came the wipe and we cleaned them.

We played a fishing game.

This is that Dolphin Game. It's sort of like Hungry Hippos.
This is a bowl that tips lol
You pick the small balls up and drop them into your colored cup.

We did puzzles and play ocean dominoes.

Here are the octopus cheese for snack.