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Sunday, November 30, 2014

W is for Winter Week 1

Sunday~  Think white- cotton balls, ping pong balls ect.  I think I have some sticker snowflakes I will add too.

Monday~ Winter books

Tuesday~ DVD then dance to poem:

Wednesday~ hide a cotton ball under a felt mitten.

Poem:  Snowball, snowball cold and round behind which mitten can you be found?


Friday~Play Dough mats 

Saturday~  Art: Mittens

I may make several sets to give as gifts.


Recipe: 3 cups of baking soda mixed with a half a cup of conditioner

Friday, November 14, 2014

D is for Dino Week 2

Tuesday~ Dino Stomp Song

Wednesday~ Dino sort jars I plan to borrow some of those colorful dinosaurs, but if I can’t we will find doubles and sort the “like” ones.

Thursday~ Dino play-dough mat.... well I have found a few, nothing too exciting and they were paid.  I will continue to search!  Follow on Facebook for updates! 

Saturday~   Paper plate dino with paint

Dino Drop- wipes container, stickers, milk caps/poker chips
I plan to use dino stickers.