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Friday, July 29, 2016



Alphabet Work-

Color- Tan

Shape- Sphere 

Name Practice- Beach Balls


Story- Swallowed a Shell


Print two of the binder sheets and cut one up and use as few or as many as you want.

Art~Flip Flop             Little Footprint   no link for the flip flop

Math/Life Skills/Science- Shells in the water table  

We will just put shells into our sand and water table.

Snack-Nutter Butter flip flops (I hope I buy the correct ones this time!)

Story-Seashore Usborne  (I put a video link below in case you don't have the book)

Art- Glue and Sand 

Draw a picture with white school glue and sprinkle with sand.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Kinesthetic Sand
We have had this for some time now but have yet to use it.  We will be taking it out on the deck! 

Here is a recipe so you can make your very own sand. Don't worry if that sounds too much, just use regular sand :)

Snack- Sand Cup with graham crackers and umbrella minus the teddy graham and gumball :)

Story  House for a Hermit Crab

Fingerplays- Beach Ball  You can hop over there for a printable where you can make your own sheet if your child is old enough.  Here is mine.  I plan to print out a bunch of beach balls and just make it a game.  Here is where I will use extra beach balls from our name activity.

I can't get an outline on the white, but when I write out my pocket charts, I make it outline to say white.  I always write my color words in that color. With all the color songs, I have taught, all my students could always spell the color words :)

Art- Beach Ball Plate  
I've planned it before but you know me and painting, maybe this year lol

Math/Life Skills/Science- We're getting a hermit crab!!!!!!  

I am rethinking getting a hermit crab.  They aren't very active during the day and even though we have a large enough tank, there is a bit of expense for them.  Maybe we will visit one though!

Snack-Mini Rice Cakes and blue tinted cream cheese

Shopping List:
Nutter Butters
Mini M&M's
Graham Crackers
Short cups
Mini Rice Cakes
Cream Cheese
Blue Food Coloring
Kinestheic Sand
**Hermit Crab**

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week in Review: Camping

S'mores... and dissecting them lol

S'mores mix
Roll a S'more
Dark brown & light brown are fun foam.
Cotton Balls are marshmallows.

Here are our smore's bars.  The recipe called for chocolate chips, ours melted...
I'm not sure how theirs didn't lol

We spent the majority of our week outside playing at the park!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer: Unbelievable Fun!!!


Alphabet Charts- 



Name Practice- There is a whole page of fireflies! 


Story-The Sights of Summer



I've planned them in the past, but never did them... maybe this is the year!

Math/Life Skills/Science 

Snack- Pool Side Dip


I plan on using our play picnic basket and play food. :) 

Fingerplay Summer

Art- Marble Paint a picnic basket (search picnic basket coloring page.) This is the one I grabbed:

Math/Life Skills/Science-  Summer Color Sort

Snack-Granola Bars

Story  5 Fireflies 
I am NOT making them light up.  I will probably use some of the extra fire flies from the printable sheet :) 

Fingerplays- Firefly Firefly

Art-Spray Chalk I picked these up at Target.  

 I opened it up and it appears to be just crushed chalk, so you could totally make your own!!!

Math/Life Skills/Science Puzzles 
Here is my stack :)

Some came from  or 3 Dinosaurs 

Snack- Jell-O popsicles

Shopping List:
Popsicle Mold
Rice Krispies
Brown sugar
Vanilla Pudding
Orange Juice
Whipped Topping
Northern White Beans
Neon Food Colors
Rubbing Alcohol