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Friday, August 29, 2014

Splish Splash week 1

Anything with an * means outside play

Monday~ Watercolor rainbow fish. We will add it to painted blue paper Saturday.   

Tuesday~ Take the sprinkler outside and bring the music too.

Wednesday~  Gather random toys around the house. See which sinks and which floats.

Friday~ We are washing our toys. Use soap and a washcloth.

Saturday~ Sponge bombs- think Bozo and buckets.  Set up your buckets and toss the sponges in. 

Use less buckets for younger children or space them farther apart for older children. Basically, you toss something, in this case our sponge bombs, into the buckets.

Paint bubble wrap blue, roll on paper and add cut out RF. I don't know if I have a rolling pin, so I may just use a paper towel tube instead.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I is for Insect week 2


Musical instruments:


I'm Bringing Home a baby bee.

Frozen bugs:
Freeze bugs in ice cube trays at least the night before, then add to water table :) 


Saturday Art~
I will glue the tube together and on the paper before P works on it.  It may or may not have pipe cleaner legs.

I know I didn't plan for doing another quiet book page, but I just came across this cute beehive!

I will either use fabric paint or a sharpie to make the lines on the hive.

Shopping list Splish Splash:

Sponges (yeah buy many and then some more! We are making sponge bombs)
Fun Foam- I am going to cut some shapes out of fun foam
Cheap conditioner
Corn starch
Bubble wrap
Paints- watercolors and poster
Paint brushes
Paint rollers
Water toys
Bubble wrap

Snack ideas: goldfish, vanilla pudding with blue food coloring, blue Jell-O

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I is for insects

Use Easter grass or paper crimped (think gifts):

 Wednesday Sorting


Friday ~ Works fine motor control

Saturday Art:

Snack ideas:

 We will make the ants on a log next week!

Quiet book page:
Again, I won't be using white.  (Who in their right mind would use white for a child????)
I won't be sewing anything.  I will use hot glue.   Here is a guide, but seriously, just free hand it!
I won't be attaching the dots and they will go inside the bug. :) 
I will glue around the outside edge of the red. The top but leave the inside open. 

Next week shopping list:
celery or pretzel rods
PB or other spread (I would stay away from frosting this snack as we will probably have the c. chips)
chocolate chips (mini ones maybe?)
Apple if you are making the snail

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Z is for Zoo week 2

Sunday bin

Monday~ either books or YouTube videos

Tuesday~ Tons of Zoo songs on YouTube

Wednesday~ if you have matching toys, see if your child can match.  Younger children, only put out two toys at once.  If you only have one set of animals, use printables and have your child match the toy to the printable.

Thursday~ Draw or print out either a zebra or tiger. 

Get black paint and marbles.  For younger kids, use bigger sized balls.  You will need a box lid, paint, paper, and marbles/balls.  Put marble/ball into black paint. Coat well.  Drop with spoon into top of box.

How to marble paint:

Friday~ Give your child a plastic knife, frosting, and animal crackers.

Saturday~ Draw or print an elephant.  Give your child a paintbrush and grey paint.

Shopping List for Insects!!!!!

Easter grass
Bugs and match sheet  (I have several, but I don’t even know if they match the bugs I have.)
You could buy double insects and just have them match the same bug to the same bug.
Paper plate
Red paint
Cupcake pan
Contact paper
Construction paper or tissue paper

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Z is for Zoo week 1

Sensory bin Gather your zoo creatures and beans or Easter grass.

Monday Music:

“Going to the Zoo” – Tom Paxton (Raffi has a great version of this song,
“Animal Fair”
“At the Zoo” by Anna Lee
“Five Little Monkeys” – Dr. jean
“Monkey See and Monkey Do” – Twin Sisters Productions
“The Elephant” – Hap Palmer
“Willoughby Wallaby” – Raffi
“Sally the Camel” – I like the version by “Teddy Bear Singers”
“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
“Lions and Tigers and Bears”


 Thursday Art:

Friday: Monkey Bread

Saturday art:
I am going to tape a circle over the face so it doesn’t get painted.
I will use crayola paints.

Saturday Sensory Bin:  Add different letters to spell zoo.

During puzzles:

During animal time: 

Quiet book:

Additional resources: