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Friday, July 28, 2017

P is for Pets in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter P

Color Orange

Shape- Oval

Numeral-  18

Name Practice- Binder

Music-  Move over Rover 

Math/Life Skills/Science   Feed the Dog  

Draw a bowl.  Roll a number cube. Take that many dog bones.


Theme- Toys 

Bring out any toys that can be pets :)

Snack- Puppy Chow

Story- Charlie Book

Poem My First Pets
Grab some toys and ask what they sound like. So what I would do, would be hide the pets inside the house, use whatever you have, and play a game.

1) I am thinking of a pet that goes "woof" child guesses a dog, pull out the dog.

2) Pull out an animal and say this is a ______ it says ______.
This is a cat and it says "meow"

Math/Life Skills/Science- Pet Counters
Played similar to the insect game

Pets Game

Theme- Puzzles

Snack- Roll Sort Eat Goldfish

Roll a number cube.  Take that many goldfish.  Sort them to proper fishbowls.

Story  Rainbow Fish

Fingerplays- 3 Blind Mice

Art- Foil Fish  

Math/Life Skills/Science Little People Pet Set  
Bring out the toys again.

Theme- Toob Dogs  
Bring out the toys again. We just happen to have these :)

Snack- Scooby Snacks

Shopping List:
Chex Cereal
Peanut butter
chocolate chips
powdered sugar
Multi colored Goldfish
Scooby Snacks

Dog bones (small)


Friday, July 21, 2017

Shark Week at the Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter S

Color Gray

Shape- pyramid 

Numeral- 17

Name Practice- Boo I Know You!


Story- I Saw Sharks

Poem Magnet Letters  We use an oil drip pan.  I am going to put basic letters out and have Froglet try to match.  Maybe 5 or 6 at a time.  Too many is overwhelming!  Or just have him tell me what letter is on each one. 

Art~ Decorate Shark
Think camouflage! I am going to use my shark die cut to make one.  Then have Froglet decorate with paint watercolor pens. Print out any shark coloring sheet.

Math/Life Skills/Science  Clothes Pins to plate

Prep- write the numbers around a paper plate.  Froglet will clip the clips correctly. Don't have the clips? Just use regular clips and write the numbers :)

Theme- Feed the Shark

Snack- Shark Teeth

Story- Pocket Chart

__________ shark, ________ shark
  color word                  color word

Is _______ hiding behind you?

Hide a photo of your child behind one of the sharks.

Grab your sharks here:

Poem- Baby Shark

Math/Life Skills/Science- Roll and Cover

Theme- Balance Target Toy

Don't have the toy? Get a toy shark :) We have those available too :)

Snack- Cake Batter Shark Bait

Story  In the Ocean

Fingerplays- Hungry Shark

Music-  There is a shark

Math/Life Skills/Science Number Sorts 
I am going to use cards, numbers, dice, dominoes, puzzle pieces etc.

I can see the watermark- but I can't find the page :(

Theme- Sand Writing Box 
I grabbed some blue sand from Dollar Tree and our wooden tray from a toy at Target's dollar spot.  I am going to draw these lines for Froglet to make:

Snack- Seaweed Dip
Any dip and chips will work :)

Shopping List:
Spinach (& artichoke) Dip
Cake Mix
White chocolate melts/chips* (needed twice)
Gummy Sharks

Shark toys

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week in review: Camping

Hide the marshmallow.
The purple pocket chart is from Target- it isn't full size nor table top.

I took this photo- I surprise myself!

Smore's from Life over C's

 Letter T book From the Pond
With my glue sponge and Scentos colored pencils

I colored them in and let froglet glue the photos after I read the page.

Flip the jar and catch the lightening bugs or fireflies (whichever you like)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kinderpond Heads to the Ice Cream Shop

Learning Board

Letter I 

Color Green

Shape- Cone or sphere

Numeral- 16

Name Practice- Ice Cream Scoops


Story- Ice Cream (I couldn't find a video)

Poem Ice Cream Sequence 
(this is a paid resource, so just talk about what would come first, second, ect.)

Art~ Ice Cream Drawing

 Ice Cream Drawing
 Ice Cream Drawing

Math/Life Skills/Science  Sprinkles writing letters

I will use Froglet's name and the letter of the week.

Print your letters HERE  
Make sure that you leave the edge flat,  so the letters don't fall over. I used a tray from a toy from the Target Dollar Spot.

Theme- Ice Cream Shop  Here is a menu that I made:

 Here was our shop from last year.  
This year, we upgraded!!!
Just wait until you see it!!!!!!!!


Poem Ice Cream (Farmer in the Dell)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Matching Numbers or 10 Frame matching

Theme- Ice Cream Shop

Snack- Sundae Bar
I have this super cute ice cream toppings dish, and don't use it enough!


Fingerplays- Ice Cream Ice Cream

Art- Puffy Paint  

Math/Life Skills/Science Non-Standard Ice Cream Cones

Theme-Ice Cream Shop


One tradition that we have started is to have ice cream for dinner one summer night.  That would cover one of the snacks :)

Shopping List:
Ice Cream
Heavy Whipping Cream
Food Coloring
Toppings- pick your favorites
Powdered Sugar
Whipped Topping

White Glue
Shaving Cream
Construction Paper

Ice Cream supplies:
cones, scoopers, pom poms, play ice cream
I am going to save some of the toys to use with the frosting