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Friday, December 29, 2017

Snow/Polar in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter Ss

Color Silver

Shape- Hexagon 6 sided like a snowflake

Numeral- 17

Name Practice- Binder


Story: Penguin Penguin

Poem: Snowflakes

Alphabet Study: Penguin Shake Up  

Use any letters that your students need to review.

Letters from the Alphabet

Fine Motor: Snowman/ Penguin Containers
You can work on number recognition to adding or subtracting.

Science: Penguin Balance Game

Math: Penguin Cube Roll                      Penguin Roll EZ 

Writing: Tracing Cards

Theme/Life Skills:  Snowman Number Match
I am going to add magnets to the back for a change of pace


Poem: Chubby Snowman

Alphabet Study: Snow globe Letters

Fine Motor: Build an Igloo

Writing: Penguin Tracing

Theme/Life Skills: Lacing Shapes

Story:The Mitten

Poem: Penguin Sounds 

Alphabet Study: Snowman Letters

Fine Motor: Number Tracing

Science: Bullseye experiment 

Theme/Life Skills: Scissor Skills


Shopping List:

egg carton
white garage sale dots

Dollar Tree
Mini containers (circle or square)
spray bottles
ice cubes ... the non-meltable ones 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wednesday Week in Review: Christmas

Okay, it's not Wednesday... it's winter break :)

Magnet toys and bells!

color words are underlined in that color

and some days, you just don't want to lol

Light table
glass beads
swizzle sticks

sensory bin
red and green pasta
glass beads


Bring in a stocking and it's a whole new activity lol

mini play dough mats 
scented dough

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday Week in Review: Gingerbread

How adorable is that snowman pencil??? 

Add a GB stocking and BAM! 
So exciting!! ;)

Gummy bear erasers 

Test Tubes from Dollar Tree
We marked where they started--
then they grew and grew and grew!!!!