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Friday, February 24, 2017

Seuss-Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter U

Color  RED

Shape- Cone


Story- Cat in the Hat

Poem Hide the Cat  

I grabbed my mini pocket chart at Target.
Do your child's favorite color. Have them color every other one that color.

Math/Science   Stack the Cups

I found these cups at Dollar Tree by the wraps and bags. Cut index cards in half or use scrap paper.

Life Skills- Matching Cards

Snack- Cat in the Hat 
banana/ strawberry

Story- 1 Fish 2 Fish

Fingerplay Cat in the Hat Song

Life Skills- Sensory Bin

I used Cavatini (yep no idea how to spell that lol)
It's a loose corkscrew pasta.
I added letter magnets from Target.

Snack- Goldfish and Pink  Ink

We make regular lemonade. Add strawberry syrup. Stir. Drink!
Use math fish for snack :)

Story  Green Eggs and Ham

Fingerplays- Dr Seuss-Y

Music-  Seuss Band iPad

Math/Science- Green Eggs  
Now to find just green eggs lol Guess what I will be doing this weekend??

Life Skills- Shakers

Snack-Green Eggs or Horton Nest
Froglet doesn't like eggs- so making cool green eggs is out for us.  I plan to make Horton Nests instead.  I will show him the book before we make the snack.

Story Hop on Pop

Fingerplays- Dr Seuss is on the Loose

Art- Fox in Socks  
I will just draw an outline of a sock and let Froglet color it.

Math/Science Oobleck

Life Skills- Sensory Bin

Snack- Popcorn

Shopping List:
Food Coloring
Green Plastic Eggs
Yellow Pom poms
Red Cups
Index Cards
Tissue Paper- red blue
Construction Paper- red and white

Strawberry Syrup
Butterscotch Chips
Peanut Butter
Chow mein noodles (hard crunchy)
Goldfish- colors

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week in Review: Kinderpond Valentine's

I write on a laminated sheet and slip it into a clear pocket.
When we do an activity, I mark it off.
When we miss something, I can easily see it and 
can go back at a different time.

We did the thumbprints :)
We did the Rice Krispies Treats too :)

I took heart containers and Froglet added pony beads.

Fine motor lacing

Salt tray writing.
Must add hot glue to the seems, it leaked lol

10 Little Hearts flannel board

Cutting and hole punching

I used a Pampered Chef tool turnabout filled with 

 scissors: regular and funky
crayons- regular and those nice big ones
markers- including smelly ones
thin and thick, shorter and regular
colored pencils
Twistable Crayons
Bingo Daubers
Glue Stick

I also filled a try with:
ink pads
heart stickers
regular heart punches to use with glue

Here was our shelf.
The top I used a Pampered Chef cooking rack for
addition drying space.
I had regular white copy paper and
pink and red construction paper.

Math game with see through hearts from Dollar Tree

I don't have any tape dispensers, so
I cut small pieces of tape and added them
around the outside of the box.
Froglet added them to his heart.

I used those clear hearts again for my light table.
We have this heart outline die cut.
So I laminated them.
I wrote numerals, dots, and words on the inside.
Froglet added the correct number of hearts to each large heart.

I used some Target Dollar Spot erasers.

 Heart shaped rice krispie treats

Snack mix and dipped pretzels.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dental Health Kinderpond Style

Learning Board

Letter J

Color  White

Shape- Sphere

Numeral- 16

Name Practice- Teeth

I found this collection of dental books on Epic!


Story-Your Teeth



Art~Paint the tooth

Math/Life Skills/Science  Playdough head

or play doh mat

Fine Motor- Tracing

Snack-Apple Smiles

Story- Where's Your Tooth?

Fingerplay Good Bad Sorting

Math/Life Skills/Science- Brushing egg

Soak a hard boiled egg in soda/coffee.
Have your child try to brush their egg.

Fine Motor-Math Clip Cards

Snack- Healthy Chips

I am using the Pampered Chef chip maker

Story- My Tooth is About to Fall Out  

Fingerplays-  Toothbrushes

Math/Life Skills/Science Race to Loose a Tooth

Fine Motor- Size Sorting

Snack-Carrot & Dip

Story Loose Tooth

Fingerplays- Colorful Toothbrushes


Math/Life Skills/Science Board Game 
I love picking games that don't have a start or finish, that just go around and around. :)

Use your good bad food cards from earlier this week.  Flip over card. Child says if it's good or bad.  If correct, roll number cube and move that many places. 

Fine Motor- Lacing

Snack- Celery & PB

Shopping List:
Potato (making chips)
Mini Marshmallows
Egg- hard boiled
White Play-Doh!

Construction Paper
Clothes pins