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Friday, August 25, 2017

Splish Splash in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter W

Color Blue

Shape- cylinder

Numeral- 1

Name Practice-Watercolor and White Crayon   
Write your child's name with a white crayon on white paper.  Have them watercolor it.  If they enjoy it, do it every day :) 


Story-My W Book  
When we use these, I glue the words in and Froglet decides which picture goes on which page.

Poem 5 Little Bubbles


Art~ Finger Paint 
I like how they did the art too, so you could totally try that too :)
We haven't ever finger painted, so that's what we'll do :)
I grabbed BIG finger paint paper at Dollar Tree.  I will still add some liquid soap to the finger paint for easier clean up!!!!!!!

Process art- turn into window art

Math/Life Skills/Science  Water Tools

Snack-Water Graham Crackers

Color white frosting with blue and spread on graham crackers to look like water.


Fingerplay Bubble Sequence (this is a paid resource)  So just look at the photo and figure out which comes first!

Art- Bubble Pop  
I just bought cute little plastic bowls at Dollar Tree that I plan to use :)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Experiment 

Snack-Frozen Grapes

Story  Water All Around Us
Available in black and white, color or both!

Fingerplay- Test Tube Race

I grabbed these at Dollar Tree, we are going to fill them up :)
I will probably add food coloring :)

Math/Life Skills/Science Waterbeads
I got some at Dollar Tree in jars- they are clear though.  I also got some in little boxes in the "science" section.
Theme- Bubbles
We're bringing out bubbles and our bubble blower!

I got the jug at Target.

Snack- Melted Snow and River Trail Mix
 Melted snow= water lol
River Trail Mix- any odds and ends (cereal, peanuts, candies)

Shopping List:
Graham Crackers
Blue Food Coloring
trail mix goodies
baking soda

Finger Paint
Finger paint paper
spray bottles
ducks (Dollar Tree)
Waterbeads (Dollar Tree)
Baby Oil
Empty Bottle**Water Tools

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Week in Review: Zoo

Race to 20.
We used penguin mini erasers from Target.
I flipped the middle part of the table upside down so we could keep the dice on the table...

Little People Zoo

Here are the cookie cutters from the Zoo play-doh! set.
My 4 year old was insistent that we show the knife too lol
They make puzzle piece animals.
With those textured rollers.

We put together snap-cubes.

We aren't quite to matching upper to lowercase, so I wrote 
on the puzzle grid the matching uppercase.

 I got these from Morning Work Tubs.

I may have gotten the ice cream scissors for me 
but I did let him use them for this 

This is what happens when you don't read the book first lol

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kinderpond goes to the Circus/Carnival

Learning Board-

Letter C

Color  Pink

Shape- Circle

Numeral- 0

Name Practice-Binder


Story- I Went to the Carnival

Poem Clown FB


Math/Life Skills/Science  Bowling Pins

I got these at Target.

Theme- Stack Game 

Don't have this game? Use one of those Target stack games. Don't have those?  Grab a number cube and blocks or I was thinking the ice cubes from Dollar Tree.  Roll a number cube and stack that many blocks/cubes.  Roll again and continue to stack!

Story-The Circus

Music- Circus Lions  
Get out a real hula-hoop and go through!

Math/Life Skills/Science- Felt Counting Cards
Don't have the cards? use flash cards, write them on index cards.
You could match the numeral to the dots.
You could clip clothes pins on them.
You could match the numbers to the number shapes.
You could pick up a number and ask your child to identify it.

Theme- Ring Toss
See above photo from Target with the bowling pins

Snack- Circus Pancakes


Poem- Pink Song 

Math/Life Skills/Science Under the Big Top

Theme- Game


Shopping List:
Pancake Mix
Spray Whipped Cream
animal crackers
Froot Loops
white cake mix
cotton candy flavoring
2 boxes white chocolate or vanilla instant pudding mix
whipped topping
cotton candy
food coloring

Hula Hoop
Cotton Balls
Yellow paint/food coloring 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week in review: Summer Fruits

I bought these balance games at Target.  
I am so glad that I did.

There are four in total.
Ark, ocean, farm, and fruit.

We have been learning self-control with these.
You need to stack these items to balance.

The first time Froglet did it, it worked! I was shocked.
Then we try it again.  It didn't work.
We got mad and we tried again, and again. :) 

We added fruit clings to the window.

We won this game by Learning Resources. 
We got 4 lemonade stands.
One tray.
3 yellow and 3 pink cups.
1 pink and 1 yellow cups with straws.
 playing cards and 20 coins.

Game play- turn over a card and create the pattern of cups on the card.

We were about half way through the deck when we ran out of the coins.
So I had to grab some small buttons to finish the game. 

We put the watermelon numbers in order.
Then we matched the 10 frames to them.