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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ice Cream Week 2

Sunday~ using that same sensory bin- I added pom pons.

Monday~ Poem to use with felt.
We have ice cream, the best in town, let us begin with chocolate-brown.
Now let us scoop up some bubblegum pink, it’s sweet and yummy, the best some think!
Here is ice cream minty and green, it’s the creamiest I’ve ever seen!
Yellow ice cream is lemony and tart, we like its taste from the very start.
Scoops of blueberry would make my day, look at all this ice cream, hip hip hooray!
Red ice cream is a strawberry delight, all these scoops are a heavenly sight.
Vanilla white is a popular flavor, it tastes very good to an ice cream craver.
Purple ice cream really gives me a kick, good and yummy till the very last lick.

Ice cream, ice cream, what a cool sensation, we love ice cream in any combination!

So you place each "flavor" on the cone as you say/read the poem.
 You could also use this poem.

Tuesday~ Fine motor using tongs and pom pons again. His tongs came from his grill. I just grab them and put them back when we're done.

Wednesday~ Use your felt cones again- either the ones from last week or the ones from the poem.

You could use a stamp pad if you had them.  I would use whatever color your child(ren) chose.

Friday~ bring out different colored pom pons and ice cream dishes to sort.

For the sensory bin with pom pons, I will add my letters.  I got them at the Dollar Tree I think.

Next Week: America the Beautiful

Shopping List:
Red and blue fabric paint
Elmer’s Glue
Liquid Starch
Food coloring
Rice- red, white, blue (use your watermelon rice)
Red, white, blue toys to fit in sensory bin
Cake mix and frosting
Cupcake liners
Red,white, and blue paint
White construction paper or cardstock

red and white streamers

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ice Cream

Sometime we are taste testing ice cream/ frozen yogurt :) 

Easy and cute!

Plastic dishes from Dollar Tree
Sensory Bin
Sunday's activity


Combining these two sets or
putting shapes on one side?


I won't be putting letters on mine, but you could add them or numbers or shapes

I am printing out an ice cream coloring page and we will use crayons/markers/paint

Friday's activity~

or this:


Ice Cream Dough: cornstarch and hair conditioner (add imitation vanilla extract for scent) 

Ice Cream Dough Recipe *
3/4 cup hair conditioner
(I used just a very basic, super cheap generic dollar store brand conditioner)
1 1/2 cup cornstarch

Ice Cream Dough "Flavor" Ingredients
Vanilla: Imitation Vanilla, no food coloring
Chocolate: Chocolate Extract and Cocoa Powder
Strawberry: A bit of red food coloring and Imitation Strawberry

Stay tuned to FaceBook page for action shots! 

Next weeks shopping list:
Felt- purple, white, red, blue, yellow, green, brown,pink
Paint- white, pink, brown
Construction paper

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Watermelon Week 2

Sunday~ we are playing the the same bin- you can use the same toys or bring out different ones.

Monday~ Using :)

Tuesday~ listening to watermelon songs from Youtube.
Wednesday~ I will open our watermelon bag from last week and add different shapes cut from the foam.
Thursday~ Watermelon Dough
Friday~ We are going to cut up our watermelon from our bowling activity. I will give P a huge piece of watermelon, plastic knife, and a melon baller.

Saturday~Watermelon Cloud Sand (I changed my mind, because I found a new recipe!!)

Next week is ICE CREAM!!!

We will be making a sensory bin.  I am including pom pons, plastic dishes, ice cream scoops.

Toilet paper rolls
Ball pit balls
Cheap hair conditioner- think of an ice cream smell
Corn starch
Felt Ice Cream cones- just circles for the scoops and triangles for the cones. There is no pattern.


Shopping List:

powdered sugar
ball pit balls
Empty toilet paper rolls
Pom pons
felt for ice cream cones and scoops
plastic ice cream bowls*
ice cream scoop *

*Try Dollar Tree*

Friday, June 6, 2014


Start here with my Watermelon Unit. There are books to check out from the library. There are songs to teach.

Red cheap soap  and real seeds if you have them or use black foam or  buttons.

Wednesday's activity:
 Cut contact paper in half circle. Cut out backing leaving a part for the rind.  Have your child put red tissue paper on sticky part, when full, remove the rind paper for the green part. :)

Watermelon Play dough
Watermelon Dough

To make Watermelon Sensory Paint you will need:
  • Shaving cream
  • Red food coloring
  • One watermelon kool-aid packet
  • Black craft foam bits or real seeds (optional)
We are painting in the bathtub :)

Shopping List:
Black WASHABLE ink pad
red and green construction paper
foam shapes (I plan to take a sheet of foam and cut my own shapes)