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Friday, January 27, 2017

Weather Kinderpond Style

Learning Board-

Letter Ww

Color Review Rainbow it's weather related you know ;) 

Shape- Star

Numeral- 13

Adding to his binder:

Name Practice- Raindrop Dots
I am going to write Froglet's name in the raindrop and each morning he will put new stickers on top of the old one.  We are working on fine motor. I am going to use cardstock.



Poem Weather Watcher


Math/Life Skills/Science  
Weather Game 
I grabbed this at the Dollar Tree I believe. 

You could also print out the matching game from Life Over C's unit, the link is for tomorrow's book.


Snack- Cauliflower and dip
Sort of looks like a tree covered in snow lol


Wait until you see my nifty idea for this book!!!!! Hop over to our Facebook page: Kinderpond Jr. 


Music- Get up and dance

Math/Life Skills/Science-  Rainbow Sun window cling  Don't have it? Draw on the window with dry erase markers :) 

These are our new pointers! Sun and sunset lol

Snack- Snow Pretzels 
(user upload)

Story  Groundhog

Fingerplay- 5 Clouds

Art- Groundhog in a cup 

I will add the green paper first but leave the grass cutting for Froglet.

Math/Life Skills/Science Grid Game 
I only printed 4 copies. I don't know how the activity will really go lol

Snack-Ground hog in pudding
(user upload)

Story Rain on the _________ 
Click to get a free copy.

Fingerplay- 5 Little Rain Drops
Mine may or may not have boots.  I am pretty sure no hands either lol
Eyes if I can find them or they will be drawn on too!

Art- Weather Mobile  

I am going to use a sentence strip for the part around the head.

Math/Life Skills/Science Weather Graph

Snack-Rainbow Graham Crackers 
I have no idea if they still make those rainbow air heads.  We shall see!

Shopping List:

Shaving Cream
White Glue
Garage Sale Dots
White and Blue felt
Popsicle Stick
Paper cup
Green construction paper

Graham Crackers
White Frosting
Blue Food Coloring
Rainbow Air Heads
Large and small marshmallows
Pretzel sticks
Milano Cookies (my favorite)


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Week in Review: Robots

To say Froglet liked our Robot week would be an understatement.
He disliked everything!!!

He did enjoy decorating his robot.

He wanted to sort by color only.

He didn't want to dance at all during the songs, nothing!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Kinderpond Travels to Australia

Learning Board-

Letter K

Color Blue

Shape- Hexagon

Numeral- 12

Name Practice- Alphabet Beads/Magnetic Letters and printable.


Story-Katy No Pocket


I am pretty sure Froglet isn't going to color a plate and a kangaroo, so I will make the pocket from brown paper.

Math/Life Skills/Science  

Snack- Pita Pockets

Story- Possum Magic

Math/Life Skills/Science- Animal Match

Snack- Fairy Bread

Story Koala Lou  

Fingerplays- Kookaburra

Math/Life Skills/Science
Jumping comparison

Snack-Koala Sandwich 
We aren't big cucumber eaters, so maybe pepperoni for the ears?

Story Wombat Stew

Fingerplays- Mary Had a Kangaroo

Music-YouTube and fingerpuppets

Math/Life Skills/Science Kangaroo Sizing

Snack-Cheese Scoop with pretzels
These were dough and pasta lol looks like a snack to me

I will use my small scoop and add pretzels.

Shopping List:
Cream Cheese
Pita Bread
Pita Stuffings lol (my son isn't a big lunch meat snacker)
Pretzel Sticks

Brown Paper or paper plate
Paint or crayons- brown