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Friday, May 30, 2014

Shapes Week 2

Shapes on paper- I will draw shapes on paper and P will use crayons/paint/markers to "color"

Art Recipes:

Rainbow Foam

Shopping List:
cream of tarter
3 Watermelon flavored drink mixes
watermelon seeds or black beans
ziploc bag
red soap
small watermelon (for bowling)
bowling pins/2 liter bottles
green & red tissue paper
contact paper
melon baller
plastic knife
letters and/or numbers (think of those small ones on your fridge )
rice oh just buy a HUGE bag :)
baking powder

Father's Day gift:

You will have to email me to get directions, so I don't ruin the surprise!!  :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Shapes Week 1

Here is my Shaping Up unit.

For the dance party, I am just going to turn on the music and we're going to dance!
With older kids, I would use painters tape and make shapes on the floor and when the music stopped they could find a shape and tell you the name.

Art: I will draw some shapes on paper and P will color them in either with markers or crayons.
Saturday:  I will get out my shaped cookie cutters, paint, and paper and hope for the best! 

We are going to play with the letters and numbers from our 
LeapFrog toys on the fridge and dishwasher.

Build It Up
One of our favorite apps. There is this game and a circle one.
Both are free. (Same app)

Most of us have a snack containers. 
 I took off the top and found a bigger cup and attached the cover to my cup.
You can use foam shapes. Got mine at Dollar Tree.
You can also use the pom pons or even cotton balls.

This is Shape Squirt:

Melissa and Doug puzzle (M&D)

One shape sorter

Another shape sorter:

Another one: 

This is so cute! I hope I find all the pieces!

Shopping List:

food coloring
shaving cream
paper- we used ours from a gift it's that crinkly paper.  It is going in a sensory bin.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Colors Week 2

Cut straw in pieces and have your child put/drop them in a bottle.
Check out the color songs here on
We are going to use our ball box again.
Art: Jell-O~ I plan to make it ahead of time and take our high chair outside if it's nice so P can just play with it.

M&D- Melissa and Doug puzzles. Any puzzles will do :)

If it is nice outside, I hope to take out some LeapFrog letters out on the deck.  

Recipe: Finger Paint

                                     I found this photo, but mine is so not like this!

Next weeks shopping list:
foam shapes-mine came from Dollar Tree
cookie cutters
Shape books
shape sorters

I will also try to post photos to the Facebook page so you can see what's going on.  :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Music... now what???

Great idea to add music to our Ta-Da plan, but what does that really look like??  Froglet has already taken Music for Tots classes, he loves them.  But what about at home??? Yes we watch the Notekins but what else are some ideas??

Get out some kid friendly CD's.
Tune to a children's music channel on your TV.
Check out iTunes.
We also have instruments. A piano, drums, tambourine, rattles, Fridge DJ, kid CD player to name a few.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Color Snack and more

This fits in perfectly with our theme!

I will have to check if I have all of those colors :)
and all of those tubes? ummm.... maybe we have some TP rolls.... asking hubby lol

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Are you as excited as I am to begin this adventure?  Make sure you sign up to get the emails.  It will let you know when I have posted something.  There is a long box at the top under our Kinderpond Jr. sign.

This week is all about colors.  I think we will do this for two weeks.

Here is my Colors Unit for Kindergartners:
for more ideas, books, poems, and more.

Parent prep: cut holes in your box for your balls to fit.  I will be adding color around the outside of the circle for color sorting.  Older children, write the color names by the openings. Needed for Wednesday. :)

The teacher in me, thinks I need to gather all of my materials for the week, but seriously?  Everything is pretty accessible. :)

Ummm.... yeah, I typed that and went upstairs to get Froglet and I ready and  started pulling out books and toys.  So that lasted oh, I'd say almost 5 minutes.  ;)

I grabbed an milk crate to store "normal" Tot stuff.  The stickers, tablecloth.

Printable Version  or click on the schedule above :)

Art recipes: Foam  Playdough 

Next week is still colors.  Then the theme is shapes.

Shopping List:

Kool Aid (several different colored packets)
different colored straws
empty water bottle

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tot School Begins

I plan to use those tiny stickers to cover the items we did.

After breakfast, I want a more structured play time. 
We have soooo many toys, that unless they are out,
we don't use them.

Please feel free to use what you have on hand to play with.  
At the day care, we called them "Table Toys" so use what you have.

Since this is the beginning, I will explain everything.

Notekins- Is Froglet's favorite show on BabyTv.  He is mesmerized by it.

Productive Parenting Email.  Each day, you get an email sent to your mailbox based on your child's age.  It's free so why not??

Did you notice I have "theme" on there twice?  I did that on purpose. :)
Once on there to introduce the activity and another opportunity to explore it.
I will have the previous days activities available, so just because we explored that activity on a Tuesday, doesn't mean we can only do it on a Tuesday. 

Daily Life Skills:  You could even call them chores too.  Just because we have a spot for them on the schedule, doesn't mean that that is only time we do them.

 has some life skills and is very proud of them already. For example, when we get food for CJ, we ask him where it goes.  When he is done getting his diaper changed, he walks it over the to closet and tries to open the door.  We open the door and he tosses in the diaper.

Each day during that theme, we want to cover different modalities.  
Sensory/Language Development/Music&Movement/
Colors&Shapes/Art/Life Skills/Letters&Numbers/
Fine&Gross Motor

I decided to have "art" more time on Saturday because I have extra hands available if needed. We can also work on any artwork we didn't finish.

Family Gym- is another BabyTv.
Here is a link to Family  Gym episodes.

I will let you know the weekend before the theme we are going to work on and any special supplies you might need from the grocery store.

I will also let you know ahead of time about themes, so you can be on the lookout.

Another thing, we change out toys every so often, so if I know we are going to use it in the near future, I will put it away.  So when I bring it out it is more exciting :)

You will be able to print the week's plan so your little on can put stickers on too :)

This weeks shopping list for colors:
tiny stickers
old cardboard box
balls (we will use ball pit balls)
pom poms
empty water bottle
ziploc bag
books on color
playdoh (homemade or store bought)
salt* if making your own play dough
flour* if making your own play dough
water (?)
food coloring
bin for art

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Introducing Kinderpond Jr.

Introducing Kinderpond Jr. 
~a school for tots!

I love being Froglet's mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, 
however, I really miss teaching. :(

So this is the next best thing for me to put my degree to work.  
I am, thankfully certified from birth to middle school :)

I love to plan things out so I have a goal. :)

No we may not do it in the order or even do it all,
but it is available.

So why don't you join us for our journey!?!!?

Most of the items needed will be readily accessible.
Oh but you will need to buy somethings- like stickers from a dollar store. :)

Stay tuned for our schedule. :)