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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Down on the Farm week 2

Sunday~  Sensory Bin- did you take it outside yet? You could also add different dried beans or raffia to look like hay

Monday~ Read farm books- or watch them on YouTube

Tuesday~  Sing Old MacDonald with your animals. Pick up an animal and sing about that one.

Wednesday~ If you are lucky enough to have flash cards or match in a book.
Have your child put the toy animal by the picture.  For younger children, only have two animals out at a time.

Thursday~ Complete any animals that haven’t finished and attach to mural. You can do more on Saturday too :) 

Friday~ Give them a toothbrush and water.  Have them clean the animals. Older children can use soap if they/you wish.

Saturday~ Since we did a sticky sheep, what about creating a duck? Draw a duck on contact paper and torn yellow and orange construction paper. Or a cow and add black torn construction paper? If you are brave, you could do paint hand prints.

Next week: Zoo!!!!!!!

Shopping List:

Marbles, golf balls or small balls (will use with paint)
Paint: black, gray, orange, purple, red, yellow, green (oh just get the set lol)
Yellow construction paper
Animal crackers
Zoo animals
felt (background, yellow/brown face, ribbons)
Beans/Easter grass
2 cans buttermilk biscuits- we are making monkey bread
2 eggs
brown sugar

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Down on the Farm Week 1

We are going to start building our quiet books this week!
I will be using light blue for the pages and NOT white!

 If you go to the website, there are patterns available :) 

Sunday~ Sensory Bin (either this week or next week take the box outside)

Monday~ LeapFrog barn child matches two parts

Tuesday~ We have two of those spin and sound toys

Wednesday~ books

Thursday~ During Animals this week and next, bring out your toy farm J

Farm Art collage
I will print off coloring pages and have P paint them.

Friday~ Think string cheese or small pieces of block cheese
 We have a my safe cutter but a plastic knife works too!

Saturday~ Sheep Stick
Draw your sheep on the smooth side and then remove paper to reveal the sticky side.

During book time :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

America the Beautiful week 2

Sunday~ Sensory Bin red/white/blue rice and matching toys
Check the FB page for a photo of ours.  :)

Monday~ 4th of July  Spaghetti 

Tuesday~ Patriotic songs this time were using red white blue scarves

Wednesday~ Windsock

Thursday~Cookie Cutters and paint
(Don't have a star cookie cutter?  Form a paper towel roll into a star!

Friday~ watermelon blueberries

For older children, I would give them a skewer and marshmallows, berries, and watermelon and let them repeat as many times as they could on one skewer.


Contact paper and some tissue paper would be cute too!

Toss some LeapFrog letters into the pasta :)

I love this idea, but I have no idea how to pull it off and have it look like a flag

Next week Down on the Farm!!!

Shopping List:

Green Easter grass might be cool too
Farm animals
Contact paper
Black sharpie
Cotton balls
Cheese (string or block)
Full sized felt- 2 blue, 1 green

Yellow, white, brown, pink (smaller pieces of felt)