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Friday, September 19, 2014

A for Apples Week 2

Tuesday: Apple Cloud Dough
You can do red, green, or yellow 

Wednesday:  Apple Songs

Thursday: Pom Pon pushing

I might love this photo more because they have a frog dish!

Friday: Torn paper apples
Tearing is great for fine motor skills.
If your child is really into this activity,
you can make a red, yellow, and a green one!

Snacks this week will include dried apples and regular apples.  
P is not a big fan of applesauce though.

Shopping List for Transportation:

Black Beans (sensory bin)
Tubes- either from toilet paper or paper towels
White frosting- we are tinting yellow
Graham Crackers
Construction paper- red, yellow, green
Nuts & Bolts ingredients (Chex cereals, cheerio’s, pretzels)
Rice Krispie ingredients (marshmallows, butter, cereal)

Quiet book (background pages 2, gray or black for the road, many colored scraps.)

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