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Saturday, February 21, 2015

D for Dogs Week 2

Sunday~ Sensory Bin

Monday~ Books

Tuesday~ Sort dog bones (color if you have color dog bones or by size)
I am just going to draw dog bowls and write/draw LARGE & small on them.
Or print them off HERE  

Wednesday~ Sort dog counters by color. I printed off those jars many moons ago. Get yours HERE

Thursday~ Print out a dog coloring sheet and use bingo daubers or Q-tips or paint or crayons.

I created this sheet to reinforce colors:

Print yours HERE

Friday~ Get out pretend grill and hot dogs and grill!!

Saturday~  Paint footprint of child ink paw print of dog (who thinks of this stuff?!?!?!)

Add letters “dog” to bin

More ideas on my D is for Dogs board 

Next we journey to the Ocean!!!

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