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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Watermelon Week 2

Sunday~ we are playing the the same bin- you can use the same toys or bring out different ones.

Monday~ Using :)

Tuesday~ listening to watermelon songs from Youtube.
Wednesday~ I will open our watermelon bag from last week and add different shapes cut from the foam.
Thursday~ Watermelon Dough
Friday~ We are going to cut up our watermelon from our bowling activity. I will give P a huge piece of watermelon, plastic knife, and a melon baller.

Saturday~Watermelon Cloud Sand (I changed my mind, because I found a new recipe!!)

Next week is ICE CREAM!!!

We will be making a sensory bin.  I am including pom pons, plastic dishes, ice cream scoops.

Toilet paper rolls
Ball pit balls
Cheap hair conditioner- think of an ice cream smell
Corn starch
Felt Ice Cream cones- just circles for the scoops and triangles for the cones. There is no pattern.


Shopping List:

powdered sugar
ball pit balls
Empty toilet paper rolls
Pom pons
felt for ice cream cones and scoops
plastic ice cream bowls*
ice cream scoop *

*Try Dollar Tree*

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