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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Down on the Farm Week 1

We are going to start building our quiet books this week!
I will be using light blue for the pages and NOT white!

 If you go to the website, there are patterns available :) 

Sunday~ Sensory Bin (either this week or next week take the box outside)

Monday~ LeapFrog barn child matches two parts

Tuesday~ We have two of those spin and sound toys

Wednesday~ books

Thursday~ During Animals this week and next, bring out your toy farm J

Farm Art collage
I will print off coloring pages and have P paint them.

Friday~ Think string cheese or small pieces of block cheese
 We have a my safe cutter but a plastic knife works too!

Saturday~ Sheep Stick
Draw your sheep on the smooth side and then remove paper to reveal the sticky side.

During book time :)

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