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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Down on the Farm week 2

Sunday~  Sensory Bin- did you take it outside yet? You could also add different dried beans or raffia to look like hay

Monday~ Read farm books- or watch them on YouTube

Tuesday~  Sing Old MacDonald with your animals. Pick up an animal and sing about that one.

Wednesday~ If you are lucky enough to have flash cards or match in a book.
Have your child put the toy animal by the picture.  For younger children, only have two animals out at a time.

Thursday~ Complete any animals that haven’t finished and attach to mural. You can do more on Saturday too :) 

Friday~ Give them a toothbrush and water.  Have them clean the animals. Older children can use soap if they/you wish.

Saturday~ Since we did a sticky sheep, what about creating a duck? Draw a duck on contact paper and torn yellow and orange construction paper. Or a cow and add black torn construction paper? If you are brave, you could do paint hand prints.

Next week: Zoo!!!!!!!

Shopping List:

Marbles, golf balls or small balls (will use with paint)
Paint: black, gray, orange, purple, red, yellow, green (oh just get the set lol)
Yellow construction paper
Animal crackers
Zoo animals
felt (background, yellow/brown face, ribbons)
Beans/Easter grass
2 cans buttermilk biscuits- we are making monkey bread
2 eggs
brown sugar

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