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Friday, October 3, 2014

T is for Transportation Week 2

Monday Movement: Construction Movement Cards

So we bought this train table:
However, the reverse side of this table is plain black.  P hasn't ever used the other side.
I've tried using the tracks with him without any luck.
So we will just use the table with the city on it without the train tracks.

Double duty here:
Wednesday: sorting Legos
one gross motor tossing bean bags

They have these mini-cones at the Dollar Tree
We will only use maybe 2 and hide a car under one.
If you don't want the cones,
use a paper tube.



Shopping List for All About Me:

All About Me books

Your child's favorite sensory bin filler (beans, paper, rice, ect)
*Curling Ribbons
*Candles (I have a Melissa & Doug cake set or 2 lol  I will put one set in)
*Party Hat
*Numbers (for child's age)
*Letters for name, spell happy birthday

cake- since it will be his birthday
Markers or colored pencils or paints or crayons
Play doh- muti-colors
Felt- 2 background full sheets, brown 1/2 sheet & other various colors.

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