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Saturday, March 28, 2015

E is for Easter

My sensory bin will use the green rice from the Very Hungry Caterpillar bin. I will take out the main things and add eggs and carrots- both of which came from the Dollar Tree :)   Another alternative that I was thinking about was dried split peas. 

Monday~ Puzzles printed from the

Wednesday~ Dot sheets from or  

 Thursday: Idea from here:

Friday~ There is this cute and *free* egg app that my little one loves to play. There is a photo on the Facebook page of the app.... I am still trying to find the darn link!

Egg Sort from or use the jars again lol

Saturday~ Egg Coloring Sheet from  use paint, markers, daubbers, ect.

Words: spring, eggs, Easter, bunny added to bin for older children write out word cards and have them dig through bin for letters. Print out these CARDS.

Wouldn't this be fun???

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