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Saturday, March 14, 2015

L is for Leprechaun

Sunday~ I’m not really doing anything special for this weeks sensory bin as this was a last minute theme and we are still loving the shells and jewels from the ocean. I did however, but some gold coins and some small green cups, so I will add those.

Monday~ Go HERE to print your own set.  I think I will print maybe 2 or 3 of them to see how he enjoys them.  You could print the ones that best fit your children.

Tuesday~ Songs Here

Wednesday~ Print out THIS shamrock sheet and use a bingo dauber to fill them in.

Thursday~ Add white glue, shaving cream and green paint or food coloring and paint. Print this shamrock 

Green milk and lucky charms/fruit Loops
Tie a fruit loop on the end of a piece of yarn/string and wrap tape (masking is best) around the other end. It will make it easier to thread /fruit loops on.

For older children this looks cool:
Get a copy HERE
You could also just use bingo daubers too :)

Saturday~ Bingo Dauber Pot of Gold Sheet 
I didn't want to choose a pot with all black to use up all that ink! 

Color Sort:  Gather tons of green toys and green bucket.  Adding difficulty~ add different colors and have them not add them.  Have them sort which are green and which are not.  Older children and younger children?  Great!  Make them search for green things.

Another cool idea to use with the gold coins.  If you don't have a jar/can with a lid, do what I am doing and use a snack keeper instead!

Next week we will celebrate spring and the Very Hungry Caterpillar Day!! Which is actually on the 20th but oh well!!  We will celebrate VHC Day on the 20th but also the whole next week!

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