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Sunday, August 16, 2015

F is for Family

Monday~ Today we will debut our Family Sensory Bin.   
I will gather Little People that fit our family with a dog of course lol  although I don’t think I have anything that resembles guinea pigs lol  I will also have our play house to go along with the bin.   

Stay tuned to our Kinderpond Jr Page for photos of our sensory bin!

We could also talk about which people were mommas and which were daddies. That's also a math skill- sorting. :)

We will read these books during the week

Thursday~ Pick another family book & sing family Song

Art: Color family picture.  Type in “family coloring page” in your browser to find a family that fits yours!

Love Song  (for Monday)
by chicky-ma-ma
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
Yes I do,
Love my Mommy,
And I love you!
Replace mommy with other family members.

Special Song  (for Tuesday)
by chicky-ma-ma
sung to "Where is Thumbkin?"
Daddy is special,
Daddy is special,
Yes he is,
Yes he is,
Daddy is special,
Daddy is special,
Yes he is,
Yes he is.
Replace Daddy with other family members. Show photos of that family member while singing song.

If you peek into my room at night, (tiptoe as if you are peeking)
My family you will see, (nod head)
They kiss my face and tuck me in tight (kiss into the air)
Why? Because they love me! (hug yourself)

Here is My Family (Tune: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
Grandma, Mom, and Dad,
I love them all, you see,
Each and every one of them,
They are my family.
Let the children pick four family members to sing about. Substitute their names for the three members in the first line.

iPad Apps--- FREE!!!!!!!!!

Here is an app that you arrange baby to grandpa :)

This is Knock Knock family app.  You add your own photos to it.  Children open the door and see their family member.  You can record your own voices.

Shopping List:
photo album
family photos

I'm trying a new style for posting.  I am grouping "like things" together.  Let me know which you prefer either by leaving a comment or emailing me 


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