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Sunday, November 1, 2015

S is for Senses

Books- Here are some choices- I don’t have many of them and didn’t grab any when I was at school last week.

Alphabet- Cross off ones that don't belong.

Color Song- (this will be free as soon as I get the go-ahead)


Numeral Poem-


 Music- YouTube

Math/Life Skills/Science- discovery bottles:
Sight- Galaxy Tube
Sound-beans, rice, bells
Smell- bring out spices bottles  (I used to have film containers that I could poke holes in and we would pass them around... guess I should have hoarded more lol)

Book- Food book

The Smelling Song
It’s raining, it’s pouring
I’m Smelling, I’m smelling
my nose is busy smelling.
This is the song I like to sing,
When I smell most anything

Art-  Paint the letter S           Paint with Kool-Aid

Math/Life Skills/Science -- scented play dough


Textured Soft Shapes Rough Road book

Fingerplays- Open Shut them

Art- Using the book we read, place paper over the top to “color” different textures.

Math/Life Skills/Science- sensory balloons


Use your Ears
use your ears, use your ears,
Listen now and hear!
Use your ears, use your ears,
What kind of sound do you hear?

Music- Listen and Move Song

Math/Life Skills/Science- Sound Eggs & instruments
Place several sound makers on a tray. Shake one at a time and identify.
Hide one, ask which one you hid.

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