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Saturday, November 28, 2015

S is for Super Heroes



One little, two little, three little heroes
Four little, five little, six little heroes
Seven little, eight little, nine little heroes
Ten heroes ready to fly!
Credit: Modified from Childhood

Color Song- Review all colors

Numeral Poem- we will still be working on rote counting 1-8

Math/Life Skills/Science

Super Hero Toys- Imagination is critical for life skills.  Math skills covered would be sorting similar ones together or picking the biggest one, smaller one.  Here are all the super hero toys I could find lol  I better keep looking or borrow them from my friends!

Book- print here


Five superheroes ready to fly,
Here comes a villain. Stop that guy!
This superhero can save the day.
Off he/she flies
up, up, and away!

Math/Life Skills/Science-

Matching  Print 2 copies.  Leave one whole.  Cut the others.  I will cut straight lines and use my corner-rounding punch to trim off edges.  I am not cutting them their shapes lol :)


If I can't find a good Super Hero book, I will print off another reader from the K-2 Pack.


Put your hands way up high (raise arms up in air)
Like Superman flying across the sky (assume flying position)
Fly to the left, now fly to the right (lean to your right, then left)
Now show me your muscles with all your might,(make arm muscles)
Now Superman’s putting his suit away (bring arms down slowly)
So he can go flying another day (rest hands in lap)
Credit: Sunflower Storytime

Music- All I can think of is the Batman Theme Song lol

Here are some from YouTube

Math/Life Skills/Science



“Did You Ever See a Hero?”
Did you ever see a hero, a hero, a hero,
Did you ever see a hero, flying in the sky?
Fly this way and that way and this way and that way
Did you ever see a hero, flying in the sky?
(putting on their cape, saving the day, going home)
Credit: Modified from Childhood

Math/Life Skills/Science

Shopping List:
Gather Super Hero Toys
Art supplies for masks
Liquid Starch
Clear glue
food coloring

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