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Sunday, December 27, 2015

N is for New Years


Book on YouTube

Alphabet- Plus our book and chant :)
I know that it says color the pictures with it, but I put ours in a sheet protector and we circle the letters that belong and X out the ones that don't.

Songs click on "songs" or the photo below for your own copy-

Color Songs-
The silver comet shooting to space
Silver is the stars shining above me.
Silver, also is my last name
Spelled differently.
Silver pots and pans stand
Out and glow.
Silver is the rainbow
Glimmering over me.
It is like a vision
Of me
Just standing there
Silver shines everywhere I go.
By: Joseph

Shape- Sphere  I am looking for a nice/cute poem to go with this. So far no luck :(

Think the ball drop :)

Found one!!!!!!!!!  Click here or on photo


Numeral Poem- 6 I know we just did 6, but figured it would be fine since it is turning 2016 :)

Art- I was trying to make a printable as big as the paper, but it just wasn't working right! So we're free handing it!!


Song- choose from above printable. :)

Art- Party Hat

Math/Life Skills/Science Sparkly Discovery Bottle
 Just add sparkly pom-poms and pipe cleaners :)  I am not adding liquid to this bottle,


Song- choose from above printable. :)

 with Shakers and Noise Maker Horns

Math/Life Skills/Science-

Slime- we didn't get to make this during our Super Heroes unit because I couldn't find it in the store.... luckily, I found some under my sink this week lol


Song- choose from above printable. :)


Math/Life Skills/Science
Shopping List:

Collage ideas- sequins, torn paper, felt scraps, I might punch out some colored shapes and have froglet glue them :)
Sparkly pom-poms
pipe cleaners- gold and/or silver
Party Horns (noise makers)
Clear Glue

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