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Friday, December 4, 2015

W is for Winter


Book- Jan Brett's the Mitten

If you don't have the book, here is my easy reader Mitten Colors

Alphabet Chant, book and song-

Color Song-


Numeral Poem-


Math/Life Skills/Science

Sensory Bin- cotton balls, snowflakes, ect.:

Book- Jan Brett The Hat

Math/Life Skills/Science
Clothes Line

String yarn between two chairs, have your child use clothes pins to hang mittens, socks, ect. :)


Flannel Board Story

Five Little Candy Canes-fingerplay

  Five little candy canes
  Hanging on the door.
  Santa ate one.
  Then there were four.
  Four little candy canes
  Hanging on the tree.
  Mrs. Claus ate one.
  Then there were three.
  Three little candy canes
  Lying by a shoe.
  An elf ate one.
  Then there were two.
  Two little candy canes
  Lying in the sun.
  A reindeer ate one.
  Then there was one.
  One little candy cane
  By the chimney.
  Santa put it in his bag
  And brought it to me.


Math/Life Skills/Science- 
My students loved doing this too.  It's non-standard measuring.   Use the candies at the bottom as the ruler.

My students loved doing these!  You give your child a paper clip and pencil. Have them spin and whatever letter they land on, your child writes that on the recording sheet.  I laminated our sheets and used a dry erase marker so they can do it over and over again.  When they land on a "free" spot, your child can chose any letter then still need.

Book- Snowballs by Lois Ehlert


Art- Snowman Ruler

Math/Life Skills/Science

Math:  Here are some non-standard measuring.  Easier one is with less snowmen, the more difficult one is with more.  Children cut out the "ruler" at the bottom and measure the items pictured.  One the second page/back, there are empty spaces for you to add other things. 
These are shake up Games.  You print off a copy, cut in half, and 
attach to an egg carton.  
Inside mark each spot with a skill (letters, shapes, colors, ect) Add an eraser, small toy, ect.  Put that into egg carton.  Close it.  Shake.  Open it.  Where ever your game piece is, your child names whatever is listed in that spot. Shut the carton and repeat.  


 This looks cool too!!!!!

Another fun thing kids like it to play I Spy.  I put these into a jar filled with different things, like beans, beads, rice, ect.  Kids shake the container and try to locate.  Winter Kids

Not only will we be doing our planned lessons, we will also be doing our little own 12 Days of Christmas.  I just randomly picked 12 different days.  I will try to share our photos when I gather the needed materials.

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