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Saturday, January 23, 2016

eXciting Adventures to see Polar Animals


Color Song- Blue

Shape- Oval


Math/Life Skills/Science- Sensory Bin
We will use clear water beads, clear flat marbles,  ice cubes (plastic ones) or those from the game Break the Ice, arctic animals


Fingerplay If You Want to be a Polar Animal

Math/Life Skills/Science


Fingerplays- Animal Dance


Math/Life Skills/Science- Spin the Animal
Spin the spinner (brad fastener/pencil and paper clip)
Cover that animal with cotton ball or pom-pom.

Book Tacky the Penguin

Penguin Video

Fingerplays- Have You Ever Seen

Math/Life Skills/Science- Feed the Penguin

 We will also reinforce counting by rolling a number cube and putting that many goldfish in the penguin.

Need something fun?  We love love love Paw Patrol in our house.  There are a few episodes that you could watch for some fun   Pups Save the Penguins or Pups on Ice or The New Pup or Pups save a Snowboard Competition

Shopping List:
Sensory Bin items- white rice, cotton balls, ice cubes, arctic animals 
Ice Cream/pudding - vanilla
Banana - ears
Chocolate chips- eyes
Kiss- nose
Shaving cream
White Glue

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