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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Week in Review: Doc McStuffins

Work from our binder.

Apparently, someone is done lol

Here is our Big Book of Boo-Boo's!

We went looking for some toys to match :)

Dogs can be quite fast lol

Checking his weight.

Checking is height.

We turn the tv and this was the episode on TV.
Same as the book we read!!
Glad the book didn't have all the words though :)

Our store didn't pink or purple, so red will have to do!

So here is our glue sponge.  
What??  You don't know what a glue sponge is?

Hop over to the Kindergarten Smorgasbord for directions :)

Did a perfect job!!!

I asked froglet to find all the band-aids :)

He dumped out the crayons, (I got them at Target), when he was done using them, he stood them up ;) 

Life skills.
We still have our Seuss Bin 
because we don't have a Doc McStuffins bin :)
Working on sweeping up the rice from the bin.

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