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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week in Review Wednesday Transportation Edition

I am going to try a week in review and see how it goes. I will try to post the following Wednesday of things we did the past week. How it went, what we did, and thoughts I had.

Some of the photos I've posted on Facebook and Instagram but for those that don't have those they can see them here :) 

Here is an iPad app that he plays

My hideous drawing that I forgot to do while prepping and my toddler was screaming lol

Learning to use this new puzzle. He's holding a tow truck with a magnet on the end to get the cars. 
After he snagged the car I asked the number on the car.

After he got out all the cars, he put them back. I would randomly ask him numbers as he puts the cars back. Not every car not every time 

This year's bin- I have real red poms this year lol last year had poms I cut off of fabric lol next year I might use wheel pasta. I just ran across that idea and I kind of love it!!  Do you notice what is missing??? Boats! I have no boats.  I do have anLittle People boat, but no small ones! 

We are still working on tracing.

I used the car cutouts for the 5 little cars poem.

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