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Friday, January 6, 2017

Chinese New Year: Kinderpond Style

Learning Board

Letter D

Color  Gold

Shape- Oval

Numeral- 10

Name Practice-Roosters
I am going to write Froglet's letters one on each rooster.

Here are some YouTube videos on Chinese New Year

Story- Epic

Epic is an app and a computer website

Poem 5 Green Dragons


Art~Decorate plates for drum

Math/Life Skills/Science  Take Out Boxes

I found some plastic take out containers at Dollar Tree. 
I found some chopsticks there too!

Snack- Egg Rolls

We have a Hmong store right down the street, I plan to stop there.  I *might* like Hmong egg rolls better than others *shhhh* 

Story- Chinese New Year

Fingerplay Dragon Dragon

Math/Life Skills/Science- 10 Frames

Snack- Fried Rice

Story  Epic!

Fingerplays- Lion Dance

Math/Life Skills/Science Chopsticks and cotton balls

Snack- PB&J sushi rolls fortune cookies

I am totally cheating here and top it off with an American creation

Story Epic!

Math/Life Skills/Science Math Games

Snack- Pot Stickers

Shopping List:
Paper Plates
Take Out Boxes (Dollar Tree)
Cream Colored yarn for noodles
Colored Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
Pom Poms (large and small)
Tissue Paper

Egg Rolls
Fried Rice
PB and J
Pot Stickers
Fortune Cookies

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