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Friday, March 17, 2017

Kinderpond Learns About Seasons

Learning Board

Letter Z

Color Gray 

Shape- Rectangle

Numeral- 20

Name Practice- Binder  
I was trying to make some that would fit the seasons but I didn't like anything I made lol


Story-4 Seasons Booklet

Poem Seasons YouTube


Art~ Seasons Tree Using a Q-Tip use THESE trees.  I am going to print 4 per page. Check your printer's settings.
One per day.

Math/Life Skills/Science  Paper Dolls 
There are boy versions too :)

Snack- Banana Sushi


Art- Seasons Tree Using a Q-Tip
One per day.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Spin and Graph

Snack- Apple Parfaits

Watch the video here.

Story  My Seasons Book

Fingerplays- Seasons

Art- Seasons Tree Using a Q-Tip
One per day.  

Math/Life Skills/Science Seasons Sorting

Snack- S'mores
Good old fashioned yumminess that tastes like summer!

Story The Four Seasons

Fingerplays- Count to 20.

Art-Seasons Tree Using a Q-Tip
One per day.

Math/Life Skills/Science Snowman Science

Snack- Snow Cones
I have this ridiculously cute snow cone machine that I registered for when I was wedding planning many moons ago.  My mother didn't approve... I actually use it all of the time.  In the summer months and warmer months during school, my grade school students earn ice cubes to make snow-cones.

Shopping List:
Toppings (cookies, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, ect)
Apple Pie filling
Cool Whip
Cream Cheese
Caramel Sauce
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Bars
Snow Cone Syrups

Zip Close bags
Clear Cups

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