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Friday, March 24, 2017

Opposites in Kinderpond

Learning Board

Letter Q

Color  Black

Shape- Triangle

Numeral- Zero

Name Practice- Black and White Triangle
I am going to cut out black and white triangles to make a pattern.


Art~ Shorter Longer

Math/Life Skills/Science  Frogs Lilly Pads

Honestly, I don't have counting bears... well I might, maybe ten or so, but I do have frogs lol  So I will bring out them and make some lily pads. 

Snack- Oreo's  I did see that Annie's made some new tasty cookies that would work too!

Story- Footbook

They used stars, but the triangle is our shape this week.  

Math/Life Skills/Science- Sink Float and the sheet if you wish to print

Snack- Marshmallows and Pretzels
(Hard and Soft)


Fingerplays- Awesome Opposite Song

I plan to use a number cube and set a time and then we will see who has more or less gumball at the end of the time.  You could use dauber markers, ink and either stamps or even your fingerprint.  

Stay tuned for a gumball printable!

Math/Life Skills/Science Heavy Light

Snack- Triangle Crackers and Cheese  
I think Triscut makes triangle crackers. 


Fingerplays- Sesame Street

Music- Replay your favorite songs

Math/Life Skills/Science  Blocks More or Less

Snack- Quirky Vegetable Spread   
Y'all this is soooo yummy!!! It will be gone in a flash!!!!

Shopping List:
Mini Marshmallows
Small Pretzel Sticks
Triangle Crackers
Green Onion
Cream Cheese
Bell Pepper

Heavy/Light Items
Items to test for float and sink (check sheet above)
Triangle Cookie Cutter (look in your playdough cutters too)
Counting Bears or frogs or pom poms
Construction paper

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