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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Are you as excited as I am to begin this adventure?  Make sure you sign up to get the emails.  It will let you know when I have posted something.  There is a long box at the top under our Kinderpond Jr. sign.

This week is all about colors.  I think we will do this for two weeks.

Here is my Colors Unit for Kindergartners:
for more ideas, books, poems, and more.

Parent prep: cut holes in your box for your balls to fit.  I will be adding color around the outside of the circle for color sorting.  Older children, write the color names by the openings. Needed for Wednesday. :)

The teacher in me, thinks I need to gather all of my materials for the week, but seriously?  Everything is pretty accessible. :)

Ummm.... yeah, I typed that and went upstairs to get Froglet and I ready and  started pulling out books and toys.  So that lasted oh, I'd say almost 5 minutes.  ;)

I grabbed an milk crate to store "normal" Tot stuff.  The stickers, tablecloth.

Printable Version  or click on the schedule above :)

Art recipes: Foam  Playdough 

Next week is still colors.  Then the theme is shapes.

Shopping List:

Kool Aid (several different colored packets)
different colored straws
empty water bottle

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