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Friday, May 9, 2014

Tot School Begins

I plan to use those tiny stickers to cover the items we did.

After breakfast, I want a more structured play time. 
We have soooo many toys, that unless they are out,
we don't use them.

Please feel free to use what you have on hand to play with.  
At the day care, we called them "Table Toys" so use what you have.

Since this is the beginning, I will explain everything.

Notekins- Is Froglet's favorite show on BabyTv.  He is mesmerized by it.

Productive Parenting Email.  Each day, you get an email sent to your mailbox based on your child's age.  It's free so why not??

Did you notice I have "theme" on there twice?  I did that on purpose. :)
Once on there to introduce the activity and another opportunity to explore it.
I will have the previous days activities available, so just because we explored that activity on a Tuesday, doesn't mean we can only do it on a Tuesday. 

Daily Life Skills:  You could even call them chores too.  Just because we have a spot for them on the schedule, doesn't mean that that is only time we do them.

 has some life skills and is very proud of them already. For example, when we get food for CJ, we ask him where it goes.  When he is done getting his diaper changed, he walks it over the to closet and tries to open the door.  We open the door and he tosses in the diaper.

Each day during that theme, we want to cover different modalities.  
Sensory/Language Development/Music&Movement/
Colors&Shapes/Art/Life Skills/Letters&Numbers/
Fine&Gross Motor

I decided to have "art" more time on Saturday because I have extra hands available if needed. We can also work on any artwork we didn't finish.

Family Gym- is another BabyTv.
Here is a link to Family  Gym episodes.

I will let you know the weekend before the theme we are going to work on and any special supplies you might need from the grocery store.

I will also let you know ahead of time about themes, so you can be on the lookout.

Another thing, we change out toys every so often, so if I know we are going to use it in the near future, I will put it away.  So when I bring it out it is more exciting :)

You will be able to print the week's plan so your little on can put stickers on too :)

This weeks shopping list for colors:
tiny stickers
old cardboard box
balls (we will use ball pit balls)
pom poms
empty water bottle
ziploc bag
books on color
playdoh (homemade or store bought)
salt* if making your own play dough
flour* if making your own play dough
water (?)
food coloring
bin for art

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