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Friday, May 23, 2014

Shapes Week 1

Here is my Shaping Up unit.

For the dance party, I am just going to turn on the music and we're going to dance!
With older kids, I would use painters tape and make shapes on the floor and when the music stopped they could find a shape and tell you the name.

Art: I will draw some shapes on paper and P will color them in either with markers or crayons.
Saturday:  I will get out my shaped cookie cutters, paint, and paper and hope for the best! 

We are going to play with the letters and numbers from our 
LeapFrog toys on the fridge and dishwasher.

Build It Up
One of our favorite apps. There is this game and a circle one.
Both are free. (Same app)

Most of us have a snack containers. 
 I took off the top and found a bigger cup and attached the cover to my cup.
You can use foam shapes. Got mine at Dollar Tree.
You can also use the pom pons or even cotton balls.

This is Shape Squirt:

Melissa and Doug puzzle (M&D)

One shape sorter

Another shape sorter:

Another one: 

This is so cute! I hope I find all the pieces!

Shopping List:

food coloring
shaving cream
paper- we used ours from a gift it's that crinkly paper.  It is going in a sensory bin.

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