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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Z is for Zoo week 1

Sensory bin Gather your zoo creatures and beans or Easter grass.

Monday Music:

“Going to the Zoo” – Tom Paxton (Raffi has a great version of this song,
“Animal Fair”
“At the Zoo” by Anna Lee
“Five Little Monkeys” – Dr. jean
“Monkey See and Monkey Do” – Twin Sisters Productions
“The Elephant” – Hap Palmer
“Willoughby Wallaby” – Raffi
“Sally the Camel” – I like the version by “Teddy Bear Singers”
“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
“Lions and Tigers and Bears”


 Thursday Art:

Friday: Monkey Bread

Saturday art:
I am going to tape a circle over the face so it doesn’t get painted.
I will use crayola paints.

Saturday Sensory Bin:  Add different letters to spell zoo.

During puzzles:

During animal time: 

Quiet book:

Additional resources:

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