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Friday, February 5, 2016

V is for Valentine


Book- Guess How Much I Love you or I found these too!

Alphabet Chant-

I just got these new ones :)


Numeral Poem- 0

Music-  Click here or the photo below for a copy of songs & poems.  
I put an * next to the ones I plan to use.  I will print on pink paper too :)

Love you to Pieces: Perfect for fine motor control.

Give pink, red, purple paper for your child to rip.  I will probably add glue myself though. Fill in the heart with glue and have your child rip pieces of paper and add to heart.

Math/Life Skills/Science
This was last year's.... glad I take photos!   Let's see what I put in there:
red kidney beans
red metallic streamers (?)
red and pink hearts
foam stickers
red muffin pan (toy kitchen)
pink silicone cupcake holders
heart slinkies
Heart boxes
pink flowers from Legos
red pom-poms

Must decorate with window clings.

Book- I love You Stinky Face


Art- Decorate Mailbox

I bought some stickers at WalMart.   I got my mailbox at Target several years ago.  Stay tuned for photos of our competed one on Kinderpond Jr Facebook pageHere is one you could print.  Although any wrapped box would work. :)

Math/Life Skills/Science- 

Here is where you need the number cube, pom-poms and cookie cutter.

Book  Kissing Hand

Fingerplays- 5 Big Valentines from the printable.

Music-  Choose from printable :)

Math/Life Skills/Science

If I can't find stickers, I will just cut or punch out some hearts.  Mine won't have letters on it.  Just hearts :)

Book Momma Do You Love Me?

Fingerplays- Felt Board H-E-A-R-T

Check out this SITE to see the surprise on the back!!!!!!!!!

Art-These will be for gifts :)

Shopping List:
Paint- red/pink
Paper plate
Construction Paper- red/pink/purple
Ice Cube/egg carton
Heart Cookie Cutters
Pom Poms
Sensory Bin Items- pink, red

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