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Friday, December 30, 2016

If You Give a.... Series

Learning Board

Letter I

Color Tan


Numeral- 9

Name Practice-Cookies


Story-If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Poem C is for Cookie

Art~Puffy Paint Cookie

Math/Life Skills/Science 

Melissa and Doug Cookies or Oreo's 


Regular or Cookie Crisp :)

Story-If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Fingerplay Pancakes

Art- Pancake felt set

I was just going to cut out light tan circles and darker brown for syrup and yellow squares for butter :)

Math/Life Skills/Science- Pancake Flipping 

or Game
We just got this game for Christmas, and we have played it so many times!


Story  If You Give a Dog a Donut

Fingerplays- BINGO

Art- Dog Donut hole punches (no link) 
I might tint the glue for added fun!
"Paint" glue on a paper plate and toss paper punches on top!

Math/Life Skills/Science

Donut Button Roll

Snack- Donuts or donut holes

Story If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Fingerplays- Match the Cupcake (no link)
Either make them from felt or paper and magnets.
I plan to sing the Muffin Man Song 

maybe something like

Can you find the ___color_____ one?  

Can you find the orange one?
the orange one?
the orange one?
Can you find the orange one?
Then put it over here. Place it on orange cupcake liner.

Art- Cupcake coloring page

Just search "cupcake coloring page" on Yahoo! or Google. Use markers, crayons, paints, ect.

Math/Life Skills/Science

Silicone cupcake liners
Pony Beads
Number Cube

Seriously, my son would play this all day everyday! Roll a number cube and add that many pony beads to the cupcake liner.


Shopping List:
Pancake Mix

White Glue
Shaving Cream
Brown Paint
Construction Paper
Foam- brown
Felt- tan, multi colors
Cupcake Liners
Pony Beads

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