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Friday, April 14, 2017

Kinderpond Travels to the Rain Forest

Learning Board

Letter F

Color Blue

Shape- Trapezoid

Numeral- 3

Name Practice- Binder Grab ideas here


Story-Secrets on the Rain Forest  
it's from Usborne and we just love it and our mini flashlights.

Poem There are Layers in the Rain Forest

Art~ Stamps  

Dig through your stamps or grab some stickers. Stamp/sticker and use markers, crayons. colored pencils to add details.

Math/Life Skills/Science   Sensory Bin 

I grabbed my rain forest animals and trees from my Dino drawer for the trees.

Snack- RF Mix


Fingerplay Match the Number

Print a set of these and a different number.  The goal is to match which are 3's and which are not.  Turn it into a game.  Print two sets. Cut one set apart. Stack the cut up cards in a pile. Draw a card and place it on your card or the other person gets it.

Art- Paint Stick 

Have your child color the trees in for the rain forest. Use stickers or stamps or print out another set from the look and find.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Shake and Find

Snack- Breadstick Snake

Story  Slowly Slowly

Fingerplays-  Walking in the Jungle

Art- Decorate Frog or your child's favorite RF animal. 

Look up "animal coloring pages.

Math/Life Skills/Science Swinging Snakes

Snack- Banana Bread


Fingerplays- Flannel Board

I have this set:

Art-Paper Plate Chameleon 
Have the animal already cut out and ready to go. Use watercolor paints for quick dry. 

Math/Life Skills/Science Chickpea Bag

Snack- Mixed snack Mix from other day :)

Shopping List:
Banana Chips
Dried Fruit
Mini Chocolate Chips
Bread stick Tube
Baking Soda
Chickpeas (dried)
Food Coloring

Mini Flashlights
Paper Plates
Paint Stick
Sensory Bin animals & Trees
Water paints

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