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Friday, April 28, 2017

Jr Entomologist in Kinderpond

Learning Board

Letter N

Color  Brown

Shape- Pentagon 

Numeral- 5

Name Practice- Bee-frames



Poem Ants Go Marching

Art~ Flyswatter Art
I might use a ladybug flyswatter from the Dollar Tree 

I am guessing this is going to be an outside activity so it will depend on the weather!

Math/Life Skills/Science  Ants in the Pants game

Theme: Pick Up Bugs

Use tongs, tweezers ect. For added fun, get a timer. I think they sell those sand timers at Dollar Tree.

Snack- Ants on a Log
celery, PB, and mini chocolate chips or raisins.


Fingerplay Ladybug Ladybug file folder

Art- Dragonfly 
I think I will just cut a long body out if I can't find an egg carton.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Insect Sort

Place plastic bugs in a bin along with random other shaped toys. Like don't get bugs and little people animals.  In my bug jar there are insects (3 body parts) and then spiders and caterpillar.  The three part insects would be insects and the spiders and caterpillars are not insects.

I left a link for a printable page to sort insects and not insect, but I might just write one :)

Theme- Ladybug Clothes Pins*

There is a little bit of prep required for this activity.

I think I will just glue small red pom-poms on small clothes pins.
Maybe, I will just use red clothes pins lol the more I think about it, I will probably just draw them on a red clip!

Snack- Butterfly Crackers

So I had these planned before and my husband went shopping- didn't bring me the crackers. Even asked a clerk and told him they must be crackers shaped like butterflies lol 


Fingerplays- Beehive

Math/Life Skills/Science Bugs in a Jar

Theme-Spin the Color or Bug

Snack- Honeycomb cereal 
(no link for these cuties!)


Fingerplays- 5 Little Bugs (broken link)

Math/Life Skills/Science Puzzles

Theme- Cootie

Snack-Bugs on a log

Shopping List:
Peanut Butter or other spread
Mini Chocolate Chips or raisins
Butterfly Crackers
Honeycomb Cereal
Pretzel Rods

File Folder
Plastic Bugs
Tongue Depressors/Craft Sticks
Mini Clothes pins
Red Pom-poms* optional
Tissue Paper- grabbed mine at Dollar Tree

Insects Puzzles
Ants in the Pants

Past insect units:
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