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Friday, July 21, 2017

Shark Week at the Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter S

Color Gray

Shape- pyramid 

Numeral- 17

Name Practice- Boo I Know You!


Story- I Saw Sharks

Poem Magnet Letters  We use an oil drip pan.  I am going to put basic letters out and have Froglet try to match.  Maybe 5 or 6 at a time.  Too many is overwhelming!  Or just have him tell me what letter is on each one. 

Art~ Decorate Shark
Think camouflage! I am going to use my shark die cut to make one.  Then have Froglet decorate with paint watercolor pens. Print out any shark coloring sheet.

Math/Life Skills/Science  Clothes Pins to plate

Prep- write the numbers around a paper plate.  Froglet will clip the clips correctly. Don't have the clips? Just use regular clips and write the numbers :)

Theme- Feed the Shark

Snack- Shark Teeth

Story- Pocket Chart

__________ shark, ________ shark
  color word                  color word

Is _______ hiding behind you?

Hide a photo of your child behind one of the sharks.

Grab your sharks here:

Poem- Baby Shark

Math/Life Skills/Science- Roll and Cover

Theme- Balance Target Toy

Don't have the toy? Get a toy shark :) We have those available too :)

Snack- Cake Batter Shark Bait

Story  In the Ocean

Fingerplays- Hungry Shark

Music-  There is a shark

Math/Life Skills/Science Number Sorts 
I am going to use cards, numbers, dice, dominoes, puzzle pieces etc.

I can see the watermark- but I can't find the page :(

Theme- Sand Writing Box 
I grabbed some blue sand from Dollar Tree and our wooden tray from a toy at Target's dollar spot.  I am going to draw these lines for Froglet to make:

Snack- Seaweed Dip
Any dip and chips will work :)

Shopping List:
Spinach (& artichoke) Dip
Cake Mix
White chocolate melts/chips* (needed twice)
Gummy Sharks

Shark toys

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