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Friday, July 7, 2017

Kinderpond Goes Camping

Learning Board-

Letter T

Color Black (think night time sky)

Shape- Triangle

Numeral-  15

Name Practice- S'mores


But we aren't wanting to focus on numbers but rather colors.  So here you go:
I plan to color them... by hand and add maybe shapes or numbers.

Art~ Fireflies

I am getting out my yellow ink pad and a number cube.  We will roll and add that many fire files to our jar. If you are brave, you can totally use yellow paint!

Math/Life Skills/Science   S'more Roll 

I use brown and tan fun foam and cotton balls

Theme- Tent
Don't have a tent? Get a blanket! 

Snack- S'more  Cereal


Poem- Camping Sort

Story-T Book

Art-  Draw a campfire and tent 
There is another version, part of this book, that has additional words to use for writing and drawing.

Math/Life Skills/Science- Catching Fireflies

Theme-Camping Mat  
I bought this one at Dollar Tree.

Snack- Pretzel Cheese and Meat Roll


Poem S'mores Song

Math/Life Skills/Science S'more Pattern

Theme- Campfire Pokey

Snack- Real S'mores

Shopping List:
S'mores Cereal 
*Golden Grahams 
*Mini Marshmallows 
*Choco Chips

Regular Marshmallows (not the big ones lol trust me!!!)
Graham Crackers
Hershey Bars

Pretzel Sticks

fun foam: brown and tan
cotton balls
Yellow (paint or ink pad)
Rice/beans for shaker

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