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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Week in review: Sharks

Discovery Shelves

We apparently are collecting those solar powered toys from Dollar Tree lol
There are two of them on the left
We have a stuffed toys and then shark sand toys

Middle shelf is shells and Imaginex shark toy
and on the bottom are some flannel board sets.

We are working on "showing no white"
This is a vast improvement!

Our Roll and cover using those SnapCubes

Here was our shark chart.

Here was our math table:
Regular Cards
felt numbers
Magnet Numbers
Circle Frog numbers
Bingo felt numbers from Target
Mini Dominoes from Dollar Tree

One felt board set.
We have one giant one like maybe 3 feet by 3 feet and another one that is page size.

These ocean stacker from Target.
First try! How does that happen??!?!?!
Did it again and it took a bit!

Here are the cards I made for the writing developmental guide from the 

Letter time using those magnets from Target.

Here is a shark puppet that I made, oh ummm, say 20 years ago lol
I took one of those small adult gloves and sewed a shark on it.
Fits my hand and the kids! 

Froglet wanted to cut, so I grabbed our paper scrap bag and a low bin and 
he cut.  We used the Dollar Tree scissors, but on the cardstock, didn't work very well.
I like using cardstock to print and these are just scraps that I save after a project is made.

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