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Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer Fruits in Kinderpond

Learning Board-

Letter F

Color blue

Shape- cube

Numeral- 19

Name Practice- Binder


Story- Down by the Bay

Poem Monthly Chant

Art~ How to Draw a watermelon and Strawberry

Math/Life Skills/Science  Lemonade Game

I won this game on the Learning Resource Page

I was also thinking of bringing out the ice cubes and the light table.

Theme- Pokey Pages  

use a jumbo push pin
Staple to construction paper.
Have child poke through paper.  
Remove design paper to see it on the paper :)
I would put paper on top of carpet :)

Snack- Watermelon Popsicles

Cut up watermelon. Blend in blender.  Put in cups. Freeze. Eat.

Story-PB Jelly

Fingerplay Picked a Strawberry

Math/Life Skills/Science- Matching Cards

Theme- Balance Game

Don't have it?  Grab those ice cubes from Dollar Tree.
Roll Dice. Stack.  See how high you can build.  

Or use Hi-Ho! Cherry-O.

Snack- Frozen Strawberry Lemonade


Math/Life Skills/Science 10 Frame

Theme-Watermelon Game
one side has numbers and one side is letters.

Snack-Stuffed Strawberries   or 

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Shopping List:


Frozen Strawberry

Pretzel Salad
Cream Cheese*
Strawberries- frozen*
Strawberry Jell-O*
Whipped Topping*

Stuffed Strawberries
Whipped Topping
Pudding- vanilla or cream cheese or white chocolate

Shaving Cream
Saline solution
Food Coloring
Jumbo Push Pin
Construction Paper

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