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Friday, August 11, 2017

We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Learning Board-

Letter Z

Shape- Cylinder


Story- At the Zoo

Poem The Zoo

***Pick 3 animals for tomorrow's book********

Music-  Roll & Move

Math/Life Skills/Science  Puzzles

Theme- Zoo Animals Bring out the toys and animals. We have regular ones, baby toys, Legos- they are all coming out!

Snack- Animal Crackers 

Choose either frosted or regular :)

Story- Visits the Zoo**** 

Print off this page first. Ask your child on Monday to pick their 3 favorite zoo animals.  Then fill the book in.

Language- Grid Game 
Print on 5 different colors

Art- Q-Tip 
Go HERE drag off the graphic to your desktop. It doesn't work to download it.  Print on white or yellow paper.

Math/Life Skills/Science- First to 20 

Snack- Zoo Pretzels


Poem- Look

Art- Zoo Play-Doh!  

Math/Life Skills/Science Cut and Paste Zoo Animals


Snack- Teddy Soft Bakes
Teddy Grahams large or small :)

Shopping List:
Animal Crackers (frosted or plain)

Candy Melts (variety of colors)
Square or Circle pretzels

Teddy Soft Bakes


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