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Saturday, August 16, 2014

I is for insects

Use Easter grass or paper crimped (think gifts):

 Wednesday Sorting


Friday ~ Works fine motor control

Saturday Art:

Snack ideas:

 We will make the ants on a log next week!

Quiet book page:
Again, I won't be using white.  (Who in their right mind would use white for a child????)
I won't be sewing anything.  I will use hot glue.   Here is a guide, but seriously, just free hand it!
I won't be attaching the dots and they will go inside the bug. :) 
I will glue around the outside edge of the red. The top but leave the inside open. 

Next week shopping list:
celery or pretzel rods
PB or other spread (I would stay away from frosting this snack as we will probably have the c. chips)
chocolate chips (mini ones maybe?)
Apple if you are making the snail

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