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Friday, August 29, 2014

Splish Splash week 1

Anything with an * means outside play

Monday~ Watercolor rainbow fish. We will add it to painted blue paper Saturday.   

Tuesday~ Take the sprinkler outside and bring the music too.

Wednesday~  Gather random toys around the house. See which sinks and which floats.

Friday~ We are washing our toys. Use soap and a washcloth.

Saturday~ Sponge bombs- think Bozo and buckets.  Set up your buckets and toss the sponges in. 

Use less buckets for younger children or space them farther apart for older children. Basically, you toss something, in this case our sponge bombs, into the buckets.

Paint bubble wrap blue, roll on paper and add cut out RF. I don't know if I have a rolling pin, so I may just use a paper towel tube instead.

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