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Friday, August 22, 2014

I is for Insect week 2


Musical instruments:


I'm Bringing Home a baby bee.

Frozen bugs:
Freeze bugs in ice cube trays at least the night before, then add to water table :) 


Saturday Art~
I will glue the tube together and on the paper before P works on it.  It may or may not have pipe cleaner legs.

I know I didn't plan for doing another quiet book page, but I just came across this cute beehive!

I will either use fabric paint or a sharpie to make the lines on the hive.

Shopping list Splish Splash:

Sponges (yeah buy many and then some more! We are making sponge bombs)
Fun Foam- I am going to cut some shapes out of fun foam
Cheap conditioner
Corn starch
Bubble wrap
Paints- watercolors and poster
Paint brushes
Paint rollers
Water toys
Bubble wrap

Snack ideas: goldfish, vanilla pudding with blue food coloring, blue Jell-O

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